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Putin's Statecraft Coffey, John 2/2012
Putin's Statecraft Coffey, John 1/2012
Vladimir Putin Handley, John 4/2012
Letter of Resignation Brown, John 4/2003
Bush's Targeting of Iran is an Inept Foreign Policy Move Beeman, William O. 2/2002
Remarks at Georgetown School of Foreign Service Rice, Condoleezza 1/2006
The Enemy in Iraq Radu, Michael 2/2004
Quemoy and Matsu: A Historical Footnote Revisited Norris, Robert B.  11/2010
Letter of Resignation Kiesling , John Brady 4/2003
Contemporary Problems, Global Solutions: A Discussion with General Brent Scowcroft Aday, Sean, Brent Scowcroft, Frank Seson 2/2012
Canada and Quebec: Prime Minister Martin at the One-Year Mark Jones, David T. 1/2005
The Political Crisis in Argentina Baldinelli, Elvio 10/2003
Washington's Summer of Discontent Sicherman, Harvey 8/2003
Lebanon: The Two in One Crisis Sicherman, Harvey 8/2006
The Paradoxes of Israel Chuckman, John 5/2002
Quebec Elects and Creates More Questions Jones, David T.  4/2007
What the U.S. Needs to Promote in Iraq McDougall, Walter A. 8/2003
Why Jimmy Carter has Access to North Korea Brown, Aaron  10/2010
The Real Axis of Evil Palmer, Ronald D. 3/2004
Robert Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis White, Mark 9/2007
Cold War's New History, The Gaddis, John Lewis 9/1998
Revitalizing U.S. Diplomacy Harrop, William C. 3/2002
Does Africa Exist? Radu, Michael 8/2001
Jeane J. Kirkpatrick: Scholar, Diplomat & Patriot Sempa, Francis 12/2006
"Humanistic Political Realism:" Power Politics' Via Media Abrahamson, James L. 12/2003
The Bush Presidency and Iraq Newsom, David D. 10/2003
Scandal in the Great White North Jones, David T. 4/2005
Don’t Substitute Spy Services for Leadership Feaver, Peter 6/2003
Iran: The West's Nuclear Bogeyman Arnold, Terrel 7/2006
The Hole in the Doughnut Coon, Carlton S. 5/2004
Europe's Role in the World Fried, Daniel 5/2007
Canada at Midyear 2002 Jones, David T. 7/2002
Into Africa: China's Quest for Resources and Influence deLisle, Jacques 2/2006
U.S. National Security Doctrines Historically Viewed: A Commentary Sempa, Francis P. 4/2004
Hafez al-Assad: The Man Who Waited Too Long Sicherman, Harvey  8/2000
America's War Against Terrorism Rubinstein, Alvin Z. 10/2001
North Korean Missiles Zhu, Zhiqun 7/2006
Does Military Spending Matter?: Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1989-1999 Smaldone, Joseph P. 4/2004
Argentina: the New Kirchner Government Baldinelli, Elvio 7/2003
Economic and Political Troubles Plague Venezuela Fleischer, Lowell R. 4/2003
The Promise and Peril of Our Times Haig, Alexander M. 12/2003
Consecuencias de la reuni_n de Presidentes de America Latina en la Ciudad de C_rdoba Baldinelli, Elvio 8/2006
Dissent Again Jones, David T. 4/2003
The State of Strategy Powell, Colin 10/2003
Let Sleeping Tsars Lie: The Crurse of the Romanovs  Moon, Keith 4/1999
On Man Changed Greece and Turkey Forever Jennings, Roger  3/2010
Russian Reactions to U.S. Foreign Policy: An Emerging Security Dilemma Granger, Greg 4/2007
La Crisis Politica y Economica in El Cono Sur de America Baldinelli, Elvio 9/2002
Sharon's Security Barrier Dale, William 3/2004
Venezuela after Chavez Duddy, Patrick  5/2013
Whatever Happened to Diplomacy? Quainton, Anthony C. E. 8/2000
The Impact of Christian Zionism on American Policy Dale, William 4/2004
Germany in the Spring Garfinkle, Adam 4/2003
Is There Still a West? A Conference Report Hay, William Anthony 6/2004
Neo-Imperialism and U.S. .Foreign Policy Janowski, Louis  7/2004
Tito - Personal Reflections Roberts, Walter 2/2014
Leveraging American Security Policy in the Caribbean: Rafael Trujillo, the Axis Threat, and Jewish Refugees from Europe in the 1930’s Mottale, Morris 11/2013
George Bush's Unfinished Asian Agenda Hathaway, Robert M.  5/2005
In the Crosshairs: Lifting the Ban on Assassination Lilly, Grant J.  6/2006
Yemen's President Salih and al Qaida Rugh, William A. 2/2010
The Political and Economic Crisis in the Americas' Southern Cone Baldinelli, Elvio 9/2002
A Conceptual Framework for National Security Handley, John & Ziegler, Andrew 1/2004
An American Empire? An Essay on the United States as Global Power  Hay, William Anthony 6/2004
Advice & Contempt Pope, Laurence 4/2001
The Strange Disappearance of Jan Chistian Smuts and What It Can Teach Americans Garland, Gregory  6/2010
Commentary on the Times Chuckman, John 1/2003
Turkey's New Foreign Policy in the New World Muzalevsky 4/2012
Benjamin Franklin: American Diplomacy Traditions Sicherman, Harvey 1/2007
Observations on the War Sicherman, Harvey 3/2004
Understanding Democratic Transitions Basora, Adrian 1/2006
Consequences of the Meeting of Latin American Presidents in the City of Cordoba: Baldinelli, Elvio 8/2006
Iraq in the Balance Ajami, Fouad 4/2007
A Federation for Iraq? Holliday, Sam C. 5/2004
U.S. -- Saudi Relations After the September 11 Debaucle Eilts, Hermann Frederick 12/2001
Only in America Handley, John 8/2003
Is There Still a West? Hay, William Anthony 9/2002
Focus on Secretary Rice's First Year: Anywhere, Anytime Diplomacy Gadzinski, Peter S. 3/2006
From the Archives: A Founding Father of the Foreign Service on Political Appointees Langbart, David A. 12/2013
America and the Middle East After Saddam Pollack, Kenneth M. 1/2004
George W. Bush's Theological Diplomacy Mirra, Carl 10/2003
China's Filthiest Export Tuner, Jennifer L. & Kim, Juli S. 3/2007
A Community Divided: Cuban-American Attempts to Influence Jimmy Carter's Cuba Policy, January 1977-May 1978 Loiacano, Catherine  9/2010
LA CRlSIS POLITÍCA DE LA ARGENTINA Baldinelli, Elvio 10/2003
The Syrian Turn: Israeli-Syrian Peace and the New Moment In U.S. Grand Strategy  Brookhyser, Jason D.  8/2007
THE ISRAELI-PALESTINE CONFLICT: A Procedural Proposal for Resolution Martin, Barclay & Oxenfeldt, Alfred 4/2003
The Other Side of Powell's Record Jones, Christopher M. 3/2006
Canada at Mid-Year 2001: A Period of Rumpled Tranquility Jones, David T. 8/2001
Supporting American Diplomacy FSO Resignation letters 4/2003
A Conservative Canada: 150 Days and Counting Jones, David T.  7/2006
George Tenet’s Resignation: Symptom Not Cure Sargent, Robert M. 6/2004
Visionaries of the American Empire: Alexander Hamilton and Alfred Thayer Mahan Sempa, Francis P. 12/2008
Jefferson and Saddam Heichler, Lucien 10/2002
John Hope Franklin and American Foreign Policy Garland, Gregory L. 9/2009
The UN Security Council and Iraq: Why it Succeeded in 1990, Why it Didn’t in 2003, and Why the United States Should Redeem it Wilkinson, M. James & O'Sullivan, Christopher D.  2/2004
Wye Memorandum: The CAMP WYE Accords Scherman, Harvey 2/1999
Testing American Foreign Policy: Use Moral Example Instead of 'Spine' Mitchell, Nancy 4/1999
U.S. Presidents, Military Service, and the Electorate Mattox, Henry E. 9/1996
Confronting the Political and Economic Crisis Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, February 16, 2000 Friend, Theodore 4/2000
Wye Memorandum: The Geopolitics of the Middle East Peace Process Olson, Robert K. 2/1999
Remember the Cold War? Hyland, Jason; Shear, David 7/1998
Roosevelt and the Wartime Summit Conferences with Stalin Stefan, Charles G. 1/1998
Case Against Pinochet, The: Some Legal and Political Implications Barker, J. Craig 6/1999
Wye Memorandum: Breakthrough or Band-aid? Eilts, Hermann Frederick 2/1999
Mr. Carr Goes to Prague Bridges, Peter 9/1998
Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen... Mattox, Henry E. 12/2003
Us Against Them on Terrorism Jones, Curtis F. 9/1998
Vive la Difference Editor 9/2002
Changing the Story Mattox, Henry E. 2/2004
A Curse of Iraq? Mattox, Henry E. 11/2003
Problems, Problems, and the Real Problem Abrahamson, James L  8/2006
Crusaders and Sacrificial Others: the George W. Bush Administration  Harrop, William 4/2003
One Example of Natural Allies Mattox, Henry E. 8/2000
2003: The Victors and the Vanquished Hornblow, Michael 1/2004
The Necessity of a World Leader Garner, Godfrey 1/2016
Like Father, Like Son Mattox, Henry E. 6/2004
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Tonkin Gulf Cotter, Michael W. 8/2003
Free Should be the Four-Letter Word for Iraq's Future Abrahamson, James L. 5/2004
The Popes visit to Poland Reader Comments  5/2014
Presidential Military Service  Williams, J. Edgar 4/2000
Presidential Military Service  Mitton, Bill 2/2000
Call Me Nino Baker, Bob  1/2016
Town Hall Meeting with Secretary Clinton  3/2009
The Day I Owned the King Tut Exhibit Homan, Tom 6/2011
State Department Town Hall Meeting on Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review transcript 7/2009
About My Husband and the General, part two Barnes, Betsey 4/2015
Unpleasant and Unpromising Captain Q, The Sherman, Edric Rick 8/2000
A Return to the Kremlin Sommerlatte, Karl 1/2002
Unwitting Cannibals Dale, William N. 7/2001
A New FSO During President Kennedy's Final Year: A Diplomat's Perspective Riggio, Louis V. 10/2012
Nixon in Warsaw Richmond, Yale  11/2010
A Christmas Tale of Swans and Trains, of a President, Kings and Queens Baker, Robert 12/2011
Secretary Clinton at Foreign Affairs Day  5/2009
The American Bald Eagle Heichler, Lucian 8/2002
Secretary of State Kissinger and CSCE Negotiations: A Personal View Stefan, Charles G. 4/2000
A Worm's Eye View of the High and Mighty Dale, William N. 1/2003
Hillary Clintons Diplomatic Travels as First Lady: Excerpts from Oral History Interviews ADST 1/2009
AFSA Meeting with Secretary Clinton AFSA 4/2009
About My Husband and the General, part one Barnes, Betsey 3/2015
Rockefellers Come to Call, The: Close Calls on Protocol in Malaysia Underhill, Francis 9/1998
Through the Looking Glass of Berlin: The Cuban Missile Crisis & the Making of de Gaulle's Double Non  6/2001
Ellsworth Bunker Schaffer, Howard B. 1/2004
George Kennan, a Life in the Foreign Service Miscamble, Wilson D. 5/2004
I Remember... How Berlin Mourned John F. Kennedy Heichler, Lucian 6/2002
Jimmy Carter and the 1979 Decision to Admit the Shah into the United States Daugherty, William J. 4/2003
An Appreciation of Alvey Adee Bridges, Peter 12/2001
The Nature of French Diplomacy: Reflections of American Diplomats Mak, Dayton S. 9/2003
William C. Bullitt: Diplomat and Prophet Sempa, Francis P. 1/2003
U.S. Department of State Releases Volumes on Nixon, Kennedy FRUS 3/2002
Release of Foreign Relations Volume FRUS 11/2002
1964–1968, Volume XIX, Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1967 FRUS  2/2003
Conference: Assessing the Presidency of George W. Bush at the Midpoint Publisher 3/2002
U.S. Department of State Releases Volumes on Vietnam FRUS 10/2002
FRUS Volume Released: Guatemala 1952-1954 FRUS  6/2003
Foreign Relations Series Released: Foreign Assistants, International Development, Trade 1969-1972 FRUS 1/2003
FRUS Voulme XXXIII FRUS  6/2004
Justice Begins at Home Silliman, Scott 5/2003
American Empire of Openness: Bacevich's American Empire Abrahamson, James L. 12/2002
Liberal Missionary: The 'Whole' Dean Rusk. Book: Zeiler's Dean Rusk: Defending the American Mission Abroad Perry, Jack 12/2000
Diplomatic Sage of Monticello, The. Book: Kaplan's Thomas Jefferson: Westward the Course of Empire Belohlavek, John M. 9/1999
Latin America in the Post-Chavez Era Johnson, Joe B.  2/2014
Margaret Thatcher The Authorized Biography Beechey, David 2/2014
The Outlaw Vladimir Putin Handley, John 5/2014
The Confidante: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy Riggio, Louis 11/2007
Review of Blix's Disarming Iraq Chira, Robert 7/2004
Jim Crow and the Cold War. Book: Dudziak's Cold War Civil Rights Stanke, Jaclyn 8/2002
Dullesian Ad Hoc Raison d'_tat Rehabilitated. Book: Immerman's John Foster Dulles: Piety, Pragmatism, and Power in U.S. Foreign Policy Sarantakes, Nick 2/2000
Condoleezza Rice: Biographies by Bumiller and Mabry Brown, John 6/2008
Strategic Bombing: The Same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow? Griffith, Thomas E. 2/2004
Foreign Policy is Important, but This Book Isn't Peck, Edward 5/2004
The U.N. of the Four Policemen, Book: FDR and the Creation of the United Nations Ettinger, David 10/2001
ForgottenNear War, The: Lincoln's Civil War Diplomacy. Book: Mahin's One War at at Time Jones, Howard 3/2001
John Moncure Daniel: Dixie’s Dueling Diplomat and “Pen of Fire" Perry, Jack 6/2003
Saddam's Swords: The Paper Tiger of the Tigris? Thornton, David & Tryon, Jessica 4/2003
Quintessential American Diplomat, The. Book: Briggs's Proud Servant: The Memoirs of a Career Ambassador Jacobs, Matthews 2/2000
Not the Quiwt CIrt on the Hill Hornblow, Michael 5/2007
American Metternich Remembers Realpolitik, The. Book: Kissinger's Years of Renewal Fic, Victor 4/2000
New Insights into the Cold War. Book: Gaddis' We Know Now: Rethinking Cold War History Schenck, Richard 4/1999
Lincoln in the World Brown, John  5/2014
The Past Four U.S. Administrations Critiqued Chira, Robert 6/2004
Ronald Reagan and the End of the Cold War Sempa, Francis P.  1/2006
Kaiser Bill and John Bull As Co-Hegemons. Book: Ferguson's The Pity of War Maurer, John H. 8/2000
John Bull and Uncle Sam Grapple With South East Asian Nationalism: Jones' Conflict and Confrontation in South East Asia, 1961-1965 Fritz, Carl 12/2002
Forgotten 'Plumed Knight', The. Book: Crapol's James G. Blaine: Architect of Empire Schmiel, Gene 2/2000
Clio's Protracted War Lessons from Talibanland Daddis, Gregory 5/2005
The United States: Reluctant Sheriff or Potential Hegemon? Covarubbias, Jack Anthony 6/2003
Interviews on the War on Terror Holsti, Ole & Feaver, Peter 9/2003
The Worldview of Former Secretary Powell Sempa, Francis P. 12/2005
Foreign Policy in the Bush Administration: An Early Report Card Lansford, Tom & Watson, Robert & Hilliard, Bryan  6/2003
Task Force Report: Secretary Powell's State Department Foreign Affairs Council  4/2003
Observations and Impressions from Iraq DeAtkine, Norvell B. 3/2004
Notes for The Paradox of Unilateralism Granger, Greg 6/2003
Allies on Board Lansford, Tom & Pauly, Robert J. Jr. 6/2003
The Paradox of Unilateralism: An Early Assessment of the George W. Bush Approach to Nuclear Arms Control Hamblet, Wendy C. 6/2003

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