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The Day Austria disappeared from the Map Roberts, Walter 2/2012
Retrospective on the Infernal Triangle, A: Lebanon, Syria, and Israel Jones, Curtis F. 2/2000
War and the Military in American History McDougall, Walter A.  4/2007
Israel: An Insoluble Problem Heichler, Lucian 3/2002
From Post-Cold War to Post-Westphalia Marks, Edward 2/2000
Lost in the Middle East Jones, Curtis F. 1/2006
The Implications of an Independent Kurdish State Jones, Curtis F. 7/2004
In the Wake of September 11th: The Clash of What? Hunt, Michael H. 10/2002
The Role of the International Community in the Protection of Venezuelan Democracy Taylhardat, Adolfo R. 10/2002
Humanitarian Versus National Interests Dobransky, Steve  6/2010
Lebanon: The Two in One Crisis Sicherman, Harvey 8/2006
What It All Means Rubin, Barry 7/2006
The Paradoxes of Israel Chuckman, John 5/2002
Waging Peace in Kosovo Ryland-Holmes, Barry 9/1999
Turkey: Support the Indispensable Ally Grant, Thomas D. 12/2001
Dulles and the Suez Crisis of 1956. A fifty-year-look back  Matthews, John P.C. 9/2006
Egypt: The Revolution is Incomplete Rugh, William A. 5/2011
Terrorism in Southeast Asia: Local Origins, Global Consequences Palmer, Ronald D. 8/2003
Recapturing the Essentials of Counterinsurgency Joes, Anthony James 6/2006
Governing Syria After Asad Jones, Curtis F. 8/2000
A Critical Comment on Grant's Turkey: Support the Indispensable Ally Berlind, Alan D. 3/2002
Is Democracy the Solution? Holliday, Sam C.  9/2006
Benjamin Franklin: American Diplomacy Traditions Sicherman, Harvey 1/2007
Does Africa Exist? Radu, Michael 8/2001
Understanding Democratic Transitions Basora, Adrian 10/2006
La Constitucion Venezolana de 1999: Una Herramienta Eficaz para la Integracion Andina Caligiuri, Eugenio; Petit, Jorge 6/2002
"Humanistic Political Realism:" Power Politics' Via Media Abrahamson, James L. 12/2003
A Federation for Iraq? Holliday, Sam C. 5/2004
Arab-Israeli Conflict: National Politics vs. Geopolitical Reality Jones, Curtis F. 6/2001
Years of Self-inflicted Disasters – Austria before Annexation in 1938 Roberts, Walter 2/2012
Rogue State Department Gingrich, Newt 9/2003
Is There Still a West? Hay, William Anthony 9/2002
Outlook for a Middle East Peace Conference Dale, William 7/2002
America and the Middle East After Saddam Pollack, Kenneth M. 1/2004
Creativity and Patience: Public diplomacy post September 11th Lussenhop, Matt 4/2002
Canada at Midyear 2002 Jones, David T. 7/2002
THE ISRAELI-PALESTINE CONFLICT: A Procedural Proposal for Resolution Martin, Barclay & Oxenfeldt, Alfred 4/2003
The Syrian Turn: Israeli-Syrian Peace and the New Moment In U.S. Grand Strategy  Brookhyser, Jason D.  8/2007
Future Battleground of Indo/Pakistan Rivary Dorschner, Jon P. 1/2014
Afghanistan and its Neighbors Cotter, Michael W. 12/2001
Japan's Territorial Disputes Sylvester, John 9/2007
From Repression to Reform? Indonesian Politics and the Military, 1997-1999 Palmer, Ronald D. 4/2000
War & Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Weiss, Herbert 8/2000
Focus on China: Is China Unstable Pei, Minxin 9/1999
End of an Era: The Southeast Asia Currency Crisis Palmer, Ronald D. 9/1998
US & The UN, The: The Reform Trap Marks, Edward 4/2001
Back to the Future In the Middle East Editor 4/2002
Why They Hate America Editor 2/2002
Chaos and the Threat to World Peace Mattox, Henry E. 8/2003
Problems, Problems, and the Real Problem Abrahamson, James L  8/2006
Geographic Bureaucracies and National Security Cotter, Michael W.  10/2007
Reminiscences from Gaza 1981-1985  McAndrew, J. Thomas  9/2007
Mission to Mozambique Arenales, Alfonso 2/2002
The Riot: A Family Story Benson, Pamela Cohelan 6/2002
Serving in Zaire, 1982-1986 Lezin, Arthur S. 3/2002
The 1947 Partition: Drawing the Indo-Pakistani Boundary Chester, Lucy 2/2002
Washington-Tel Aviv Axis, The. Book: Ben-Zvi's Decade of Transition Sullivan, Paul 6/1999
Jim Crow and the Cold War. Book: Dudziak's Cold War Civil Rights Stanke, Jaclyn 8/2002
Called to Serve: The Life of an American Envoy. Book: Bridges' Safirka: An American Envoy Vickery, Kenneth P. 4/2000
Last Days of Europe Abrahamson, James L. 10/2007
Modernization Theory: Ideology or Fad? Hunt, Michael H. 7/2001
John Bull and Uncle Sam Grapple With South East Asian Nationalism: Jones' Conflict and Confrontation in South East Asia, 1961-1965 Fritz, Carl 12/2002
Compendium -- The Arab-Israeli Conflict Schoonover, Richard 7/2002
Diplomacy and the War on Terror Collins, William 1/2003
Rogue State Department: Policy makers respond Gingrich, Newt 9/2003

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