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Remembering Ambassador Dubs, and the Future of Afghanistan Byers, Bruce 3/2009
Long time U.S. Ambassador Dies FPRI 3/2002
Homage to Amb. L. Dean Brown, 1920-2001 Horan, Hume; Deatkine, Tex 1/2002
George Kennan: A Personal Appreciation Iossi, Milton 4/2005
In Memoriam Bill Dale Journal 3/2014
In Memoriam: Ambassador Hermann Frederick Eilts  Journal 10/2006
In Memoriam Walter Roberts Journal 9/2014
Francis Trelease Underhill, Jr. Mattox, Henry E. 9/1999
Kennan: The Passing of a Legend Mattox, Henry E. 3/2005
A Passing Tribute Mattox, Henry E. 10/2005
Boris Yeltsin Enters the History Books Moon, Bart 5/2007
In Memoriam Theodore Stark Wilkinson Press 2/2015
In Memoriam Victor B. Olason Press 3/2015
William F. Buckley Reader Comments  5/2008
Jeane J. Kirkpatrick: Scholar, Diplomat & Patriot Sempa, Francis 12/2006
The Most Consequential Writer of the 20th Century Sempa, Francis P. 8/2008

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