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Bush's Targeting of Iran is an Inept Foreign Policy Move Beeman, William O. 02/2002
The Purposes and Cross-Purposes of American Public Diplomacy Brown, John 08/2002
US Relations with a Changing China Borich, Joseph 07/1998
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 05/2007
Slouching Away from an Election: Canada in November 2009 Jones, David T. 11/2009
Globalism vs. Economic Nationalism: The Southeast Asian Case Palmer, Ronald D. 06/1999
"Contemporary Problems, Global Solutions: A Discussion with General Brent Scowcroft" Aday, Sean, Brent Scowcroft, Frank Seson 02/2012
Washington's Summer of Discontent Sicherman, Harvey 08/2003
Towards a New Strategic Imperative: From Fighting the Long War to Fighting to Win  Warburg, Bob; Andy Burton, Jose Ocasio-Santiago, Tom Stuhlreyer, John DeFoor, Blair McFarland, Anthony Stapleton 08/2007
Humanitarian Versus National Interests Dobransky, Steve  06/2010
The Sèvres Syndrome Jung, Dietrich 08/2003
Lebanon: The Two in One Crisis Sicherman, Harvey 08/2006
Afghanistan Conundrum Livergood, Reed 05/2009
IntegraciǏ_n Latinoamericana: Ǐ_xitos y Retrocesos Baldinelli, Elvio 06/1999
What It All Means Rubin, Barry 07/2006
Sunni Centrism and the Shi'a of Iraq DeAtkine, Norvell B 06/2005
Nothing New? Don't Be Too Sure DeAtkine, Norvell B.  02/2007
"Finally, Back on Track" Naland, John K. 07/2002
Measuring Public Opinion under Political Repression Horne, Cale 04/2011
Dulles and the Suez Crisis of 1956. A fifty-year-look back  Matthews, John P.C. 09/2006
A System of Intelligence Gone Awry Garner, Godfrey 12/2013
Digitalomacy: Extending the Celestial Frontiers of Information Technology Thornton, David 08/2003
Does Africa Exist? Radu, Michael 08/2001
Japanese-American Wartime Interactions: A Model Not Follwed in Iraq Straus, Ulrich 12/2007
"Jeane J. Kirkpatrick: Scholar, Diplomat & Patriot" Sempa, Francis 12/2006
For Argentina: An Offshore Central Bank? Baldinelli, Elvio 03/2002
Mexico's Southern Flank Grayson, George 03/2005
Religion and Diplomatic History McDougall, Walter A. 10/2001
Indonesia on Fire  Friend, Theodore 01/1998
Tracking Down the Terrorists: Regional Allies Have Their Own Axes to Grind Cotter, Michael W. 09/2001
Democracy's Impact on Civil Society in East Central Europe Beebe, S. D. 06/2002
The Bush Presidency and Iraq Newsom, David D. 10/2003
The U.N.: Is it really a dangerous place? Marks, Edward 05/2002
Canada and the United States:  Civil Military Relations Jones, David T.  06/2010
Exporting Democracy Rockwell, W.J.K. 07/2006
Scandal in the Great White North Jones, David T. 04/2005
Don’t Substitute Spy Services for Leadership Feaver, Peter 06/2003
The Future of Isreal Briefly Considered Jones, Curtis F. 12/2006
The Mess of American Public Diplomacy Helmke, Mark 10/2003
"Military Security, Energy Resources, and the Emergence of the Northwest Passage: Canada's Arctic Dilemma" Dobransky, Steve 06/2012
U.S. Policy in the Middle East: On the Brink Sicherman, Harvery 01/2005
Reinstituting the Draft: Antiwar Activism in Disguise Abrahamson, James L. 04/2003
Searching For the 21st Century Sederberg, Peter 09/2002
Geographic Bureaucracies and National Security: The Need for a Common Interagency Regional Framework Puglisi, Matthew; Jason Hanover, Phil Purcell, Kathleen List 08/2007
"Does Military Spending Matter?: Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1989-1999" Smaldone, Joseph P. 04/2004
"Policymaker, Know Thine Intelligence Analyst" Cohen, Herman J. 05/2005
"Retrospective on the Infernal Triangle, A: Lebanon, Syria, and Israel" Jones, Curtis F. 02/2000
Fighting Terrorism vs. Building Peace Roush, James L. 12/2001
From Post-Cold War to Post-Westphalia Marks, Edward 02/2000
The State of Strategy Powell, Colin 10/2003
On Man Changed Greece and Turkey Forever Jennings, Roger  03/2010
Libya -- Case Study in Fighting State-Sponsored Terrorism Goodwin, Brent Stuart 02/2004
Sharon's Security Barrier Dale, William 03/2004
Venezuela after Chavez Duddy, Patrick  05/2013
Tradeoffs--and a Changing Global Climate Jones, David T.  08/2007
Lost in the Middle East Jones, Curtis F. 01/2006
Germany in the Spring Garfinkle, Adam 04/2003
In the Wake of September 11th: The Clash of What? Hunt, Michael H. 10/2002
Is There Still a West? A Conference Report Hay, William Anthony 06/2004
Prospects for Ending North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program Hassig, Ralph C. & Oh, Kongdan 10/2006
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 06/2007
Debate on the 'Democratic Peace' Gieseler, Steven Geoffrey 03/2004
China's Grand Strategy and US Foreign Policy Goldstein, Avery 09/2005
The Rule of Law or Confrontations in Selecting Mexico's Next President: Grayson, George W. 07/2006
An American Empire? An Essay on the United States as Global Power  Hay, William Anthony 06/2004
Advice & Contempt Pope, Laurence 04/2001
The Strange Disappearance of Jan Chistian Smuts and What It Can Teach Americans Garland, Gregory  06/2010
Is Democracy the Solution? Holliday, Sam C.  09/2006
Middle East: New Ambiance - New U.S. Policy? Jones, Curtis F. 12/2011
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 05/2007
Observations on the War Sicherman, Harvey 03/2004
The United States and Iran: Moving Towards a New Dialogue Byers, Bruce 02/2009
A Federation for Iraq? Holliday, Sam C. 05/2004
Occupational Hazards Colla, Elliot 08/2003
Did Stalemate Equal Victory? From the Korean to the Vietnam Wars Robinson, L. Spencer 11/2011
Un nuevo tipo de intervenciǏ_n para Colombia Valdivieso, Gustavo 04/2001
Internal Security and Human Rights: Militarism and Diplomacy Lubensky, Earl H. 01/2002
The Middle East: What Do We Do Now? Jones, Curtis F. 03/2006
Rogue State Department Gingrich, Newt 09/2003
"Women in Diplomacy: An Assessment of British Female Ambassadors in Overcoming Gender Heirarchy, 1990-2010" Rahman, Talyn 04/2011
Afghan Federation Holliday, Sam 10/2009
Obama and Afghanistan: Learning from Nixon's Vietnam Ordeal Hunt, Michael 11/2009
Transitional Governance: A Return to the Trusteeship System? Marks, Edward 02/1999
"The Problem of Londonistan: Europe, Human Rights, and Terrorists" Radu, Michael 04/2002
South East Asia Today: The Terrorist Threat in Historical Perspective Palmer, Ronald D. 07/2002
Strengthen Diplomacy for the War on Terror Lugar, Richard G. 08/2003
Multilateralism and the UN: A Modest Proposal for University Training Berke, Jerrold L. 06/1999
Creativity and Patience: Public diplomacy post September 11th Lussenhop, Matt 04/2002
Engaging Iran's Silent Majority Byers, Bruce 09/2009
Righteous Foreign Policy Grantham, David  10/2013
"A Community Divided: Cuban-American Attempts to Influence Jimmy Carter's Cuba Policy, January 1977-May 1978" Loiacano, Catherine  09/2010
COMMON STRATEGIC INTERESTS Balancing Support for Israel Against Other American Interests Ben-Meir, Alon 05/2010
American Withdrawal from Iraq'a Cities: The View from St. George's Church. Baghdad White, Andrew P.B. 07/2009
The China Fantasy Levine, Paul 05/2011
"Best of a Bargain in Copenhagen: Diplomacy, Power Contest and Global Governance " Smolnikov, Sergey  02/2010
Canada at Mid-Year 2001: A Period of Rumpled Tranquility Jones, David T. 08/2001
Strengthening the United Nations System Fishcer, Dietrich 09/2006
Afghanistan and its Neighbors Cotter, Michael W. 12/2001
The Work of Diplomacy Shultz, George P. 07/2002
George Tenet’s Resignation: Symptom Not Cure Sargent, Robert M. 06/2004
The One China Policy: Terms of Art Jue, Stanton 04/2006
The Egyptian NGO Case: Politics and Diplomacy Rugh, William 03/2012
John Hope Franklin and American Foreign Policy Garland, Gregory L. 09/2009
"United Nations and the Corporate Agenda, The" Korten, David C. 10/1997
A Nuclear Iran Is Not An Option: A New Negotiating Strategy Ben-Meir, Alon 02/2009
Quebec enters the millenium Jones, David T. 12/2000
Democratic Benefits of a Free Trade Agreement with Central America Eiras, Ana Isabel 06/2005
"Brief Remarks on September 11th, 2001" Jones, Curtis F. 09/2001
War and the Military in American History McDougall, Walter A.  04/2007
Israel: An Insoluble Problem Heichler, Lucian 03/2002
The Enemy in Iraq Radu, Michael 02/2004
Is Israel the Problem? Taheri, Amir 04/2007
Quemoy and Matsu: A Historical Footnote Revisited Norris, Robert B.  11/2010
Canada and Quebec: Prime Minister Martin at the One-Year Mark Jones, David T. 01/2005
The Next Four Years of Middle East Policy Rubin, Barry 02/2005
Some Notes on US Policy on Iraq Sullivan, Paul 04/1999
"Two Good Policies, Both LIkely Failures" Jones, David T.  08/2006
The Middle East: Trying to Stop the Clock Jones, Curtis F. 07/1998
"The National Security Strategy" -- A Personal Reaction Jones, Curtis F. 04/2003
The Coming Crisis in U.S. Foreign Aid: Policy Options for the 21st Century Dobransky, Steve 03/2011
What the U.S. Needs to Promote in Iraq McDougall, Walter A. 08/2003
The Real Axis of Evil Palmer, Ronald D. 03/2004
Recapturing the Essentials of Counterinsurgency Joes, Anthony James 06/2006
US Foreign Policy Since WWII Staten, Cliff 08/2005
"The Clash of Cognitions: The United States, China, and Strategic Thinking" Kerbel, Josh 02/2009
Countering Iranian Malign Influence Wunderle, William and Lajeunesse, Gabriel 04/2009
Should the United States continue as a champion of free trade? Gady, Franz-Stefan  11/2010
Mythed Mythed Opportunities: Comments on Vietnam fromPersonal Experience Bullington, J. R. 08/2000
Whither France? Rubin, Barry 04/2005
Problems and Prospects of Africa: 2003 Palmer, Ronald D. 12/2003
U.S.-EU Cooperation on Counter Terrorism Kerber, Frank 06/2007
La Constitucion Venezolana de 1999: Una Herramienta Eficaz para la Integracion Andina Caligiuri, Eugenio; Petit, Jorge 06/2002
Ghaddafi Had His Chance Earle, Robert 11/2011
Getting Inside Their Mind Barrass, Gordon S. 03/2009
Iraq and Vietnam: Sad and Somber Rhymes Bullington, J. R.  01/2007
Middle East Water Problems Dale, William N. 08/2001
Liberalism v. Islamism Phillips, Melanie 06/2007
Is Europe Dying? Weigel, George 06/2005
"Diplomacy, Analysis, and Decision Making _ the Need for a new Paradigm" Byers, Bruce 10/2011
"Conduct of American Diplomacy, The" Harrop, William C. 04/2000
Outlook for a Middle East Peace Conference Dale, William 07/2002
The Hole in the Doughnut Coon, Carlton S. 05/2004
Iran: The West's Nuclear Bogeyman Arnold, Terrel 07/2006
National Security in the Age of Terrorism Freeman, Chas. W. Jr. 01/2007
Religion in Diplomatic History McDougall, Walter A. 06/1999
The Spirit of the New Antiwar Movement Garfinkle, Adam 04/2003
The Bush Doctrine and U.S. Interventionism  Dolan, Chris J. 06/2004
"American Interests, American Values, and War in the Balkans" Bullington, J. R. 06/1999
Canada at Midyear 2002 Jones, David T. 07/2002
United States Military Operations in the New World Order Tures, John A. 04/2003
U.S. National Security Doctrines Historically Viewed: A Commentary Sempa, Francis P. 04/2004
America's War Against Terrorism Rubinstein, Alvin Z. 10/2001
Combating Islamic Terrorism in Europe Baker, Kristen; Mirchell, James; Tindall, Brian 11/2007
Course of American Diplomacy: Theonomy Autonomy and Heteronomy Sweeney, J.K. 06/2005
"Post-Copenhagen from a geopolitical perspective: the US, China and Europe" Criekemans, David  04/2010
Chain Reactions: Linking the Conflicts on the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan Strait Giovannettone, Justin R.  11/2006
The Promise and Peril of Our Times Haig, Alexander M. 12/2003
The American Burden of Hegemony in the Middle East Jones, Curtis F. 12/2001
Russian Reactions to U.S. Foreign Policy: An Emerging Security Dilemma Granger, Greg 04/2007
Whatever Happened to Diplomacy? Quainton, Anthony C. E. 08/2000
Iraq After Two Years Abrahamson, James L. 04/2005
Neo-Imperialism and U.S. .Foreign Policy Janowski, Louis  07/2004
New Hemispheric Agenda Quainton, Anthony 10/2009
George Bush's Unfinished Asian Agenda Hathaway, Robert M.  05/2005
U.S. National Security Policies in the Cold War and the War on Terror: A Comparison by William N. Dale Dale, William 06/2003
Vietnam Revisited Bullington, James 06/2007
Policing Disorder in Burundi Bullington, James 04/1997
In the Crosshairs: Lifting the Ban on Assassination Lilly, Grant J.  06/2006
Guest Editorial: The Assessment of Colin Powell's State Department Hyseni, Mehdi 04/2003
A Conceptual Framework for National Security Handley, John & Ziegler, Andrew 01/2004
Foundation for a Coherent Foreign Policy Landis, Benjamin 11/2011
Commentary on the Times Chuckman, John 01/2003
U.S. FOREIGN POLICY TOWARD ETHIOPIA AND SOMALIA 1974-1980 Mantzikos, Ioannis 02/2010
Understanding Democratic Transitions Basora, Adrian 10/2006
"Remembering Ambassador Dubs, and the Future of Afghanistan" Byers, Bruce 03/2009
Rebalancing National Security Policy After Afghanistan and Iraq McNamara, Thomas E.  11/2013
State Governments and Foreign Policy: The Texas-Mexico Border in the 1940s Robinson, Robert 11/2007
U.S. -- Saudi Relations After the September 11 Debaucle Eilts, Hermann Frederick 12/2001
Only in America Handley, John 08/2003
Canada and Quebec in 2003: A Time of Transition Jones, David T. 09/2003
Bombs for Peace? Misreading Kosovo Radu, Michael 04/1999
Italy's Meddling... and Our Own Bullington, James 01/1998
"Focus on Secretary Rice's First Year: Anywhere, Anytime Diplomacy" Gadzinski, Peter S. 03/2006
America and the Middle East After Saddam Pollack, Kenneth M. 01/2004
What to do About Iraq Rubin, Barry 12/2005
Arab-Israili Conflict Jones, Curtis F. 07/2001
Greatest Gift: New Zealand's Alliance with the United States McGibbon, Ian 07/2009
Revising the U.N. Trusteeship System-Will It Work? Inman, Harry A.; Sharp, Sr., Walter Gary 09/1999
Letter of Resignation Wright, Mary  04/2003
Fixing Alhurra: Some Small Steps Brown, John 06/2005
Does U. S. Policy Hurt or Help Al Qaeda?  Smith, Haviland  03/2010
Post Afghanistan 2014: Future Battleground of Indo/Pakistan Rivalry Dorschner, Jon P. 01/2014
U.S. Policy Towards Southeast Asia Palmer, Ronald D. 12/2001
Obama's Peace Offensive Ben-Meir, Alon 09/2009
Supporting American Diplomacy FSO Resignation letters 04/2003
"World Court Ruling Means the Immunity Wears Off, but for Whom?" Bekker, Pieter H. F.; Pell, Owen C. 04/2002
"Coming American Retreat from Global Military Interventions, The" Bullington, J. R. 09/1999
Egypt's democracy benchmark in the 21st Century: Re-launching Direct Democracy Radwan, Abeer Bassiouny  09/2013
"The UN Security Council and Iraq: Why it Succeeded in 1990, Why it Didn’t in 2003, and Why the United States Should Redeem it" Wilkinson, M. James & O'Sullivan, Christopher D.  02/2004
Wye Memorandum: The CAMP WYE Accords Scherman, Harvey 02/1999
TISS Conference Report: Public Argument and the Study of Foreign Policy Goodnight, Thomas; TISS 07/1998
The Courage of Our Convictions Moskowitz, Ken 04/2003
TISS Conference Report. Public Opinion and Foreign Policy: Bridging the Gap Goodnight, Thomas; TISS 09/1998
"El Salvador Accords: A Model for Peace Keeping, The" Roush, James L. 10/1997
Defending the Foreign Service Naland, John K. 06/2003
TISS Conference Report: Bridging Gaps In the Study of Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy Kohn, Richard H.; TISS 04/1998
Warburg Conference: US in the Asian-Pacific: The A View from the Bottom of the Globe McLean, Denis 04/2000
Warburg Conference: India & Pakistan: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons Barnes, Harry G. Jr. 08/2000
Southeast Asia: One year after the Outbreak of the Financial Crisis Brown, David G. 09/1999
While America Sleeps Kagan, Donald; Kagan,  03/2001
War & Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Weiss, Herbert 08/2000
German Security Policy in the 1990s Dorff, Robert H. 04/1997
America and the World at the Dawn of a New Century McDougall, Walter A. 02/2000
"Americanism and Strategic Security: The Pacific Basin, 1943-1947" Friedman, Hal M. 10/1997
Ambassador Henry Grady and Indian Independence: A Historical Retrospective Olson, Robert K. 04/1998
"Political-Military Army Officer: Soldier Scholar or Cocktail Commando?, The" DeAtkine, Norvell B. 02/1999
Warburg Conference: Europe in the Twenty-first Century Pond, Elizabeth 04/2000
"US & The UN, The: The Reform Trap" Marks, Edward 04/2001
How to Link Democratic Governance with Economic Growth Mitchell, Robert J. 09/1998
Can Humpty Dumpty Be Saved? Kiehl, William P. 11/2003
Wye Memorandum: The Geopolitics of the Middle East Peace Process Olson, Robert K. 02/1999
Testing American Foreign Policy: Albright's Position is Hard to Justify Thornton, David 04/1999
Testing American Foreign Policy: Indecision is Our Fatal Flaw Kohn, Richard H. 04/1999
"Developing Diplomats for 2010: If Not Now, When?" Kinney, Stephanie S. 08/2000
End of an Era: The Southeast Asia Currency Crisis Palmer, Ronald D. 09/1998
Wye Memorandum: Breakthrough or Band-aid? Eilts, Hermann Frederick 02/1999
Saddam as Pan-Africanist? Mattox. Henry 01/2007
Next Up--Osama? Mattox, Henry E. 06/2006
General Sherman Indubitably Was Right Mattox, Henry E. 04/2003
The Origins of the Species Mattox, Henry E. 06/2005
Damned if You Do -- And if You Don't Mattox, Henry E. 12/2001
Sand and Sediment Mattox, Henry E. 09/1999
PERILOUS TIMES: Planning for the Unspeakable Hutson, Thomas R.  03/2015
2003: The Victors and the Vanquished Hornblow, Michael 01/2004
Testing American Foreign Policy: Editor's Introduction Mattox, Henry E. 04/1999
To Be Or Not to Be: A United States of Europe? Mattox, Henry E. 06/2005
A Policy for Ukraine Schindler, Sol  04/2014
Free Should be the Four-Letter Word for Iraq's Future Abrahamson, James L. 05/2004
Comment on the Origins of the Species Jones, David T. 06/2005
Crusaders and Sacrificial Others: the George W. Bush Administration  Harrop, William 04/2003
Back to the Policy Drawing Board Mattox, Henry E. 09/2001
Iraq is a Four Letter Word Mattox, Henry E. 04/2004
Guest Editorial on Iraq Policy Spiers, Ronald I.  04/2007
Diplomatic Readiness Mattox, Henry E. 12/2000
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Tonkin Gulf Cotter, Michael W. 08/2003
Questions from a young reader Eazazuddin, Kaashif 04/1999
Kosovo Alternatives Matheron, Richard; Nasi, Andrea; Bullington, J. R. 09/1999
Sources on U.S. Policy in Latin America  Sellers, Rachel 02/2000
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  05/2008
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  04/2008
Sam Huntington's View of the Cosmos MCFellowes 08/2000
After the Surge Reader Comments  03/2008
Implementing AFRICOM Reader Comments  03/2008
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  05/2008
Response to: Israel An Insoluble Problem Bouwman, Marc; Bauer, M.; Murray, Bernadine; Sommerlatte, Karl 04/2002
Joining the Foreign Service Melbourne, Roy M. 05/2005
We Once Lived in Russia Matthewman, Robin 10/2002
Interview with John Brown Lapeyrouse, Stephen 01/2007
Three Years Before the Mast Marks, Edward 04/2007
But What Do You Do? Brown, John L. 09/2002
Jimmy Carter and the 1979 Decision to Admit the Shah into the United States Daugherty, William J. 04/2003
William C. Bullitt: Diplomat and Prophet Sempa, Francis P. 01/2003
Personal Diplomacy in Franco-American Relations Rockwell, W. J. K.  04/2007
Letter from Baghdad An FSO Recounts a Memorable Recent Week in Baghdad Payne, Beth 02/2004
An Appreciation of Alvey Adee Bridges, Peter 12/2001
The Nature of French Diplomacy: Reflections of American Diplomats Mak, Dayton S. 09/2003
Esprit de Corps: Fifth AFSA Foreign Service Reform Proposal AFSA 07/2002
"U.S. Department of State Releases Volumes on Nixon, Kennedy" FRUS 03/2002
Essay Competition on U.S. - China Relations National Committee on United States-China Relations 08/2000
"Plans Unfolding for TISS Conference on Conflict in Africa February 5-6, 1999 " TISS 09/1998
"1964-1968, V XXXIII Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Guyana" FRUS 04/2005
"Conference on Security Challenges After September 11 (April 11-12, 2002)" TISS 03/2002
Warburg Conference: Simmons to Host Global Security Conference February 29 Simmons College 02/2000
Powell Testimony on Homeland Security AFSA 07/2002
"List of Chiefs of Mission as of April 15, 2002" AFSA 07/2002
Israel/Palestine: Healing the Rift Loyola Conference  03/2004
New Book Demonstrates How Cultural Exchange Programs Helped to Raise the Iron Curtain Announcement  05/2003
FRUS Volume on Energy Diplomacy and Global Affairs FRUS 09/1999
FRUS Volume Relased: Foundations of Foreign Policy 1969-1976 FRUS  05/2003
"Diplomatic Sage of Monticello, The. Book: Kaplan's Thomas Jefferson: Westward the Course of Empire" Belohlavek, John M. 09/1999
Poor Forgotten Gorby: The First Bolshevik's Last Apologist. Book: Gorbachev's n My Country and the World Sibley, Katherine A. S.  08/2000
Review of Blix's Disarming Iraq Chira, Robert 07/2004
"Beijing Plays the Washington Card, Book: America's Response to China" Levine, Steven I. 10/2001
Nonpartisan Global Troubleshooting at its Best Cotter, Michael W. 05/2005
Small Wars: Serving the National Interests of Pax Americana Hanson, Thomas E. 04/2003
"Foreign Policy is Important, but This Book Isn't" Peck, Edward 05/2004
Offensive Realism. Book: Mearsheimer's The Tragedy of Great Power Politics Sempa, Francis P. 06/2002
A Cold War that Unleashed a Rising Sun Van Sant, John E. 04/2004
"Quintessential American Diplomat, The. Book: Briggs's Proud Servant: The Memoirs of a Career Ambassador" Jacobs, Matthews 02/2000
The Never Ending War Against Terrorism. Book: Pillar's Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy Thornton, David W. 09/2002
Periclean America. Book: Friedberg's In the Shadow of the Garrison State Damin, Greg 02/2002
Covert Action and U.S. Foreign Policy Knott, Stephen 01/2007
"First Line of Defense: The Ambassadorial Imperative Endangered. Book: Keely (ed.) First Line of Defense: Ambassadors, Embassies and American Interests Abroad" Dale, William N. 03/2001
Justice Begins at Home Silliman, Scott 05/2003
"Electronic Herd vs. The Tortoise, The. Book: Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization" Yarmolinsky, Adam 09/1999
Liberal Missionary: The 'Whole' Dean Rusk. Book: Zeiler's Dean Rusk: Defending the American Mission Abroad Perry, Jack 12/2000
"Dullesian Ad Hoc Raison d'Ǐ_tat Rehabilitated. Book: Immerman's John Foster Dulles: Piety, Pragmatism, and Power in U.S. Foreign Policy" Sarantakes, Nick 02/2000
No Exit from Pakistan Camp , Donald 03/2014
Saddam's Swords: The Paper Tiger of the Tigris? Thornton, David & Tryon, Jessica 04/2003
The Blessings of Globalization --"Done Right" Fritz, Carl 04/2004
America: the Hapless Hegemon? Abrahamson, James L. 04/2003
Constructing the New China Policy Hunt, Michael H.  09/2006
Not the Quiwt CIrt on the Hill Hornblow, Michael 05/2007
Kyoto's Fatally Flawed Fantasyland. Book: Victor's The Collapse of the Kyoto Protocol and the Struggle to Slow Global Warming Thornton, David W. 06/2002
"Where Are the Cubans in This War? Book: Perez, The War of 1898" Mitchell, Nancy 09/1999
Peace Through Assimilation Jones, Curtis F. 04/2007
Militarization of U.S. Foreign Policy Handley, John 02/2015
Modernization Theory: Ideology or Fad? Hunt, Michael H. 07/2001
Review of One World: The Ethics of Globalization Perry, Jack 04/2003
"Forgotten 'Plumed Knight', The. Book: Crapol's James G. Blaine: Architect of Empire" Schmiel, Gene 02/2000
Hard Choices Litt, David C. 10/2014
Diplomacy  Jones, David T.  02/2014
"Man in the Street and Uncle Sam and the World, Redux, The. Book: Foyle's Counting the Public In: Presidents, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy" Thornton, David 12/2000
The United States: Reluctant Sheriff or Potential Hegemon? Covarubbias, Jack Anthony 06/2003
Task Force Report: Secretary Powell's State Department Foreign Affairs Council  04/2003
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Venture in Scholarship: Anti-Americanisn at Ground Level: FSOs Remember the Cold War Caribbean McPherson, Alan 02/1999
Diplomacy and the War on Terror Collins, William 01/2003
Essay Contest First Place Tampio, Jesse 09/2002
Our Brave Diplomats Naland, John K. 04/2003
Venture in Scholarship: Connecting Communities: Using Oral History to Bring Academics and Retired FSOs Together Jacobs, Matthew 02/1999
Venture in Scholarship: Further Notes on Method Hunt, Michael; Mattox, Henry 02/1999
Diplomacy in an Age of Terrorism Laingen, Bruce 11/2002
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Rogue State Department: Policy makers respond Gingrich, Newt 09/2003
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
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Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
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Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
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