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Horowitz Research Grant Applications journal 07/2002
Electronic Herd vs. The Tortoise, The. Book: Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization Yarmolinsky, Adam 09/1999
Advice to a Fledgling Diplomat Underhill, Francis 03/1997
Some Passing Thoughts on Teaching Diplomacy in Universities Tenembaum, Yoav J. 02/2010
Spykman's World Sempa, Francis P. 04/2006
Lexus and the Olive Tree Considered, The Schoonover, Brenda Brown 03/2001
Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Internship Program: Schmiel, Gene 04/2000
Does History Take Sides? The Problem of Evoking the Past to Justify Policy Santos, Michael W. 06/2011
Comment On: Blacklisted by History Reader Comments  09/2008
Whatever Happened to Diplomacy? Quainton, Anthony C. E. 08/2000
University Announces New International Program Publisher 03/2002
Sixty Years of Studying Malaya/Malaysia Palmer, Ronald D. 03/2008
Essay Competition on U.S. - China Relations National Committee on United States-China Relations 08/2000
Marxist Theoretical Debates in Europe during the Cold War Mottale, Morris 02/2014
American Diplomatic Practice Redefined Melbourne, Roy M. 09/1996
Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen... Mattox, Henry E. 12/2003
Venture in Scholarship: What Sort of Venture? Mattox, Henry E. 02/1999
A Clash of Civilizations -- Real? Potential? Mattox, Henry E. 01/2002
Teaching Kafka in China Levine, Paul 01/2013
The 'New' Foreign Service Board of Examiners Lee, Katherine I. 12/2002
From Women at War to Foreign Affairs Scholar Kurtz, Ann White 06/2006
Tell Me, Miss Krijgsman, Elizabeth 04/2018
Developing Diplomats for 2010: If Not Now, When? Kinney, Stephanie S. 08/2000
Reflections: Teaching Adventures in Cambodia, Taiwan, and Japan Jue, Florence 02/2012
Extraordinary Resource at Your Finger Tips Journal 02/2011
Foreign Policy Association University Seminars Journal 03/2011
Is April Truly The Cruellest Month Journal 04/2016
The Arabic Language: It's Place in the Middle East's Culture and Politics Jones, Curtis F. 08/2002
Army Specialized Training Program, The: Gateway to the Foreign Service Jones, Curtis F. 01/1998
The United States Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders ICD 09/2008
Venture in Scholarship: Further Notes on Method Hunt, Michael; Mattox, Henry 02/1999
Via delle Montagne Rocciose Heichler, Lucian 04/2003
Can Science Diplomacy Advance STEM Education Particularly for Women in the Middle East? Greenbaum &Hajjar  06/2017
Gloria Irene (Wasielewski) Kreisher: English Language Teaching Officer Extraordinaire and the English Teaching Officer Profession at the Department of State Gosende, Robert 02/2016
Globalization and Our Failing Education System: A Clear and Present Danger Goodnight, Jim 12/2007
How the Diplomatic Community Can Help Solve the Health Workforce Crisis Gaye, Pape 03/2017
Musings on the Theme -- The World Is a Small Place Fritz, Carl R.  06/2006
Honoring Language Leaners Freeman, Charles  06/2009
Task Force Report Foreign Affairs Council 06/2007
FRUS Volume Relased: Foundations of Foreign Policy 1969-1976 FRUS  05/2003
British Diplomatic Oral Histories Now Available on Internet Editor 08/2007
The Drought Has Ended- We Hope Editor 10/2002
Durand reviews La mise en place des monopoles du savoir Durand, Charles 05/2002
Cursed is the U.S. Envoy Who Tries To Bring Peace to the Middle East. Book: Boykin's Cursed is the Peacemaker Dale, William N. 09/2002
What's a Bidet? Dale, William N. 01/2006
DACOR Conference on India Announced DACOR 08/2002
AJPSIR Call for Papers Cold War Studies in Europe 09/2010
Worldly Philosopher Cincotta, Howard 01/2014
The Foreign Policy Triangle: A Schema to Promote Understanding of the Basis for Foreign Policy Decisions Brown, John 03/2017
Multilateralism and the UN: A Modest Proposal for University Training Berke, Jerrold L. 06/1999
Transformational Diplomacy: Report of State's Advisory Committee Announcement  01/2008
USAME Call for Applications Announcement 11/2010
2008 West Point Summer Seminar Announcement 01/2008
Inside a U.S. Embassy AFSA  06/2003
AFSA/AAFSW Announce 2002 Merit Award Winners AFSA 04/2002
About ADST -- The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training ADST 08/2001
Foreign Service Oral History Now Online ADST 06/2007

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