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Account of an Unlikely Return Mattox, Henry 5/2007
What's a Bidet? Dale, William N. 1/2006
Accidental Diplomats  Hughes, Katherine 2/2000
The Arm in the Right Uniform Bergesen, Bobbie 8/2001
Assignment Guatemala, 1968: An Early Encounter With Terrorism Ruge, Helga 1/2003
Medical Encounters in Cuba, Follow-Up Interview Crigler, Frank; Linderman, Patricia 9/1999
Little Red Schoolhouse Reuckert, Evelyn D. 12/2002
Becoming a Writer: A Foreign Service Background Ruge, Helga 7/2006
The Flood in Lisbon Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2003
Return to Vienna Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2003
Haiti & the Mystery of Voodoo Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2004
On Board the Carrier Schmiel, Kathryn 7/1998
Marriage 1961 Style Nixon, Jack 10/2002
Moral Hazards- A Short Story Linderman, Patricia 4/2000
Breakdown on the Road to Damascus:One Indelible Memory of Syria Liske, Patricia Ann 6/2012
Tr_ia Horse, The Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2000
The Brujas of Saipan Bergesen, Bobbie 6/2002
Experiences of Tuy-Cam in Hue Bullington, J.R. 7/2008
Medical Encounters in Cuba, Late 1990's: Doctors for Dollars Linderman, Patricia 9/1999
A Riot for Dinner Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2001
A Return to the Kremlin Sommerlatte, Karl 1/2002
Spouses Underground Newsletter Spouses Underground Newsletter 6/1999
My Dependent Wife Heichler, Lucian 12/2003
Yes, An Interesting Life Rubenstein, Estelle 9/2003
Babalu At Churi Dang Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2002
Termites in the Lampshades Moon, Calista 2/2007
Istanbul Blues Carlino, Ruby 2/2000
The Imperfect Butler Bergesen, Bobbie 8/2002
Trip Back in Time, A Midura, Kelly 6/1999
About My Husband and the General, part one Barnes, Betsey 3/2015
The Riot: A Family Story Benson, Pamela Cohelan 6/2002
Adventures in a Cairo souk Mattox, Shelley 4/1997
A Witch of a Cook Tabler-Stone, Melinda 1/2003
We Once Lived in Russia Matthewman, Robin 10/2002
On the Bangledesh Rocket Bergesen, Bobbie 2/2002
About My Husband and the General, part two Barnes, Betsey 4/2015
Vignettes from a Tour in Albania Weech, William 1/2003
Flashbacks of a Diplomat's Wife Reviewed Williams, J. Edgar  4/2003
State's Adjunct 'Accidental Diplomats': Foreign Service Spouses. Book: Hughes' The Accidental Diplomat: Dilemmas of the Trailing Spouse Killen, Linda 2/2000

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