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A Peaceful Sunday in Guanajuato St. John, John J. 08/2003
Account of an Unlikely Return Mattox, Henry 05/2007
Babalu At Churi Dang Bergesen, Bobbie 04/2002
Cold War Diplomatic Negotiations: A Personal Recollection Williams, Ed 03/1997
Crises and Evacuations: A Curious Definition of Hardship Connor, Julie Gianelloni 04/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Adversity Brings People Together Chidester, Judy 04/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Evacuating Nha Trang Adamson, David 04/2003
"Crises and Evacuations: Evacuation from Sanaa, Yemen" Stewart, Bill 04/2003
Crises and Evacuations: It's a Small World Anderson, Pam 04/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Starting Off with a Bang Seals, Kyla J. 04/2003
Crises and Evacuations: We're Number One Flam, Eli 04/2003
Dining with Great Uncle Fulano And Other Curious Events Moon, Bart 06/2006
Elections in the Hinterlands Teal, C. 06/2006
"Electronic Herd vs. The Tortoise, The. Book: Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization" Yarmolinsky, Adam 09/1999
Embalming History Angell. James B. 05/2005
Frontstadt Berlin: Travel Notes From the Cold War Heichler, Lucian 02/2004
"Fulbright Interlude in Nigeria, A" Mattox, Henry E. 07/1998
Haiti & the Mystery of Voodoo Bergesen, Bobbie 04/2004
Huaraz Teal, Christopher 01/2004
Into Africa Heichler, Lucian 03/2002
Lost in Traffic Barry, David F. 05/2005
My Dependent Wife Heichler, Lucian 12/2003
On the Bangledesh Rocket Bergesen, Bobbie 02/2002
Overland by Jeep to Kabul (... Long years ago) Fritz, Carl R. 04/1999
Personal Diplomacy in Franco-American Relations Rockwell, W. J. K.  04/2007
Picturing Cuba: Life and Work on Castro's Island Wilcox, Lauren 12/2000
"Purple Captain's Final Voyage, The" Schmiel, Gene 10/1997
Return to Vienna Bergesen, Bobbie 04/2003
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Meeting Joe Barlow in Poland Sommers, William 04/2007
Stories Out of Africa! Marks, Edward 07/2001
The Arm in the Right Uniform Bergesen, Bobbie 08/2001
The Brujas of Saipan Bergesen, Bobbie 06/2002
The Flood in Lisbon Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2003
To Be or Not to Be-Retired? Gordon, Charles S. 10/1997
"Trip Back in Time, A" Midura, Kelly 06/1999
Trip to Iraq and Kuwait April 2006 McCaffrey, Barry R. 06/2006
"TrǏ_ia Horse, The" Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2000
"Venture in Scholarship: 'A Most Unusual Type of Work': Tourists, the Paris Embassy, and U.S.-French Relations" Endy, Christopher 02/1999
Vignettes from a Tour in Albania Weech, William 01/2003
"Yes, An Interesting Life" Rubenstein, Estelle 09/2003

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