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The Marshall Plan: Seventy Years Since the Start of a Great Diplomatic Effort McNamara, Thomas E. 04/2018
The Surprising Allure of Russian Soft Power Petro, Nicolai N. 04/2018
1981: Hollywood Goes to China: First U.S. Film Week in The People's Republic Pearson, Margaret 02/2018
Krasno Events: YouTube Channel Larres, Klaus 12/2017
The Voice of America and Public Diplomacy Tuch, Hans N. 12/2017
The General & the Ambassador A Conversation Journal 12/2017
Cuban Missiles and Operation Dragon Rouge Baker, Robert 03/2017
Moon Rocks at Home Baker, Robert 01/2017
Vienna Snow and Soviet Meltdown Baker, Robert 11/2016
Basketball In Mali 'Red' Verderame Baker, Robert 09/2016
What We Talk About When We Talk About Cultural Diplomacy Brown, John 03/2016
Pieces by Cynthia Farrell Johnson Johnson, Cynthia Farrell 12/2015
1930s American Films at Embassy London Baker, Robert 10/2015
Yum Yums Across the Seas Baker, Robert 05/2015
Basketball In Mali  Baker, Robert 02/2015
Public Diplomacy: Time to Debate Change Bishop, Donald M. 02/2015
Bamako Space Show Baker, Robert 10/2014
More Than Just Diplomacy Johnson, Joe B.  06/2014
The Fun House Mirror and Moribund Public Diplomacy Bishop, Donald M. 05/2014
Religion and Public Diplomacy Kovacs, Peter  03/2014
Pieces by Cynthia Farrell Johnson: Diplomats Who Were Artists Johnson, Cynthia Farrell 01/2014
Pieces by Hensgen Diplomats Who Were Artists Hensgen, Bud  01/2014
Pieces by Bud Hensgen Diplomats Who Are Artists Hensgen, Bud  01/2014
Pieces by Cynthia Farrell Johnson Diplomats Who Are Artists Johnson, Cynthia Farrell 01/2014
Hard Diplomacy and Soft Coercion Brown, John  01/2014
U.S. Public Diplomacy: A Look to the Past Roberts, Walter R.  12/2013
Public Diplomacy with a high powered take-off Kennedy, George  11/2013
Vaccinating Mali: Posters, Pamphlets, One Slave, One Vampire Bat Baker, Robert 04/2013
The Future of United States Public Diplomacy in Brazil Rapalyea, Blair 03/2013
Cultural Exchange and the Cold War: How the West Won Richmond, Yale 03/2013
Remembering Van Cliburn: Despatch From the Embassy in the Soviet Union to the Department of State Moscow, July 18, 1960. Tuch, Hans N. 03/2013
Teaching Kafka in China Levine, Paul 01/2013
Resources on Public Diplomacy and related courses Gregory, Bruce 12/2012
God Save the Queen Baker, Robert 05/2012
Helen Hayes' Grouch Bag Baker, Robert 03/2012
A Call to Action on Public Diplomacy Jacobs, Morris E. 03/2012
Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy in One Country: Poland during and after the Cold War Virden, Dick 12/2011
The Day I Owned the King Tut Exhibit Homan, Tom 06/2011
Public Diplomacy Began in Germany Richmond, Yale 05/2011
Future of Public Diplomacy Schneider, Michael 05/2011
Brcko: Art as a Commitment to Peace Sommers, William 04/2011
Public Diplomacy in Uniform Greenspan, Rachel 03/2011
Richard Holbrooke's Public Diplomacy Brown, John H.  01/2011
Public Diplomacy and the Case of 'Flotillas' Radwan, Abeer Bassiony Arafa Ali  09/2010
A New Public Diplomacy Initiative Jue, Stanton  09/2010
How Public Diplomacy Brought The Wall Street Journal To Poland Richmond, Yale  09/2010
Future of Public Diplomacy Rugh, William A. 03/2010
Future of U.S. Public Diplomacy McHale, Judith  03/2010
Full-Format American Dream: Amerika as a key tool of Cold War public diplomacy Crane, Elise  01/2010
How Public Diplomacy Worked in Progress Tuch, Hans N. 12/2009
Voice of America: Origins and Recollection Roberts, Walter R.  10/2009
Art of Diplomacy Without Words Greenwood, Scott 10/2009
Enabling Public Diplomacy Field Officers to Do Their Jobs Rugh, William A. 09/2009
President Obama's Pitch to the Muslim World: Public Diplomacy or Policy? DeAtkine, Norvell B. 06/2009
Smith-Mundt: Censorship American Style? Garland, Gregory L. 03/2009
Public Diplomacy and Propaganda: Their Differences Brown, John  09/2008
Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey Brown, John  04/2008
Humpty Dumpty Redux: Saving Public Diplomacy Kiehl, William P. 03/2008
Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey Brown, John 03/2008
Mobilizing American Soft Power for Twenty-First Century Conflict Bullington, J.R. 01/2008
The Purposes and Cross-Purposes of American Public Diplomacy Brown, John 08/2002
I Remember... How Berlin Mourned John F. Kennedy Heichler, Lucian 06/2002
Letter From Niger -- April 2002 Bullington, J. R. 04/2002
Stories Out of Africa! Marks, Edward 07/2001
Man in the Street and Uncle Sam and the World, Redux, The. Book: Foyle's Counting the Public In: Presidents, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Thornton, David 12/2000
Five-can Casserole: Foreign Service recipe for social emergencies Chidester, Judy 09/1998

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