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U.S.-China Relations and the Art of the Deal Camp, Beatrice 04/2018
The Doctor and the Saint reviewed Dorschner, Jon P.  04/2018
Let's Talk Seriously About Afghanistan Cotter, Michael W. 02/2018
1981: Hollywood Goes to China: First U.S. Film Week in The People's Republic Pearson, Margaret 02/2018
Winds of Change Weisbrode, Ken  02/2018
The Voice of America and Public Diplomacy Tuch, Hans N. 12/2017
Winning in Afghanistan Smith, Haviland 10/2017
Why Keep State Department Special Envoys? Calamur, Krishnadev 10/2017
Nuggets of Wisdom Schoonover, Brenda Brown 10/2017
Confusing Signals Rugh, William A. 10/2017
Reimagining China and Asia Freeman, Charles  06/2017
Warrior Diplomat: Vietnam, 1965-70 Bullington, J.R. 01/2017
World War Two Provides the Indo/British Breaking Point Dorschner, Jon P. 01/2017
India's Wars Dorschner, Jon P. 01/2017
Reflections on Vietnam Keiswetter, Allen 01/2017
Countering Pakistan-Supported Terrorism: The Military Options Droschner, Jon 11/2016
Why India is not a Great Power (Yet) Dorschner, Jon P. 09/2016
Are South Asian Arms Sales in the U.S. National Interest? Dorschner, Jon P. 04/2016
Why India is not a Great Power (Yet) Dorschner, Jon P. 02/2016
Valentine's Day Murder of U.S. Ambassador Byers, Bruce 02/2016
Green Signals Dorschner, Jon P. 01/2016
Call Me Nino Baker, Robert 01/2016
Farishta Chapter 6 McArdle, Patricia 12/2015
India Rapidly Becoming the World's Largest Carbon Emitter Dorschner, Jon P. 11/2015
The Ambition of China and its democratization issue Xiaomao, Zhang 11/2015
Where Will Narendra Modi Take India? Dorschner, Jon P. 10/2015
Raju Dayal and Santa Dorschner, Jon P. 10/2015
The Myth of the Indian Middle Class Dorschner, Jon P. 09/2015
Max Kampelman: Arms Control in Sydney Baker, Robert 09/2015
Is China Cracking Up? Levine, Paul 06/2015
Caution and Narendra Modi Dorschner, Jon P. 06/2015
The Republic of Forgetting Levine, Paul 06/2015
Considering Pakistan Garner, Godfrey 06/2015
Give the New Afghan Government a Chance Garner, Godfrey 04/2015
Divided Nation, United Military: The Burmese Government as Junta Par Excellence  Koo, Matthew  04/2015
The Accidental Prime Minister Dorschner, Jon P.  04/2015
Packing for India Dorschner, Jon P.  03/2015
The Kaiser's Mission to Kabul Handley, John 03/2015
India Needs an Environmental Opposition Party Dorschner, Jon P.  02/2015
Darwin An Aussie Shangri-La Baker, Robert 01/2015
Thoughts of Afghanistan and the Impending Withdrawal Averna, Richard 11/2014
Preserving the Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific Region  Sempa, Francis P. 11/2014
Unrest in China  Jones, David T.  11/2014
Never Forget National Humiliation Rogers, Joe O. 10/2014
The Pivot to Asia  Jones, David T. 10/2014
Follow-up to April '14 article on run-up to Afghan Presidential Elections Garner, Godfrey  06/2014
Remembering and Forgetting June 4 Levine, Paul 05/2014
Managing Conflicts in India Dorschner, Jon P. 05/2014
The International Community and Pakistan Dorschner, Jon P.  04/2014
102 Days of War: Two Perspectives Cotter, Mike and Handley, John 04/2014
No Exit from Pakistan Camp, Donald 03/2014
Shooting for a Century Dorschner, Jon P. 03/2014
Lessons From Three Global Wars  Sempa, Francis P.  03/2014
Meeting the Challenge of Chinese Expansionism on the East Asian Littoral Sylvester, John  02/2014
China in the Year of the Horse Levine, Paul 02/2014
Used and Abandoned in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey  02/2014
Restless Valley Cotter, Michael W.  02/2014
Tito - Personal Reflections Roberts, Walter R.  02/2014
Interview with Frank Vogl Peters, Laurence 02/2014
China's Xi Jinping: Hawk or Reformer Rogers, Joe O. 01/2014
Robert Gates Memoir and its Impact on America's Policy in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey  01/2014
Post Afghanistan 2014: Future Battleground of Indo/Pakistan Rivalry Dorschner, Jon P. 01/2014
The Blood Telegram Dorschner, Jon P.  01/2014
The Russian Far East and China: Thoughts on Cross-Border Integration Handley, John  12/2013
The Crying Need for a New Indian Economic Model Dorschner, Jon P. 11/2013
A Salutation to Arms: Asia's Military Buildup, Its Reasons, and Its Implications Sylvester, John  10/2013
US Strategic Alignments and Re alignments in the Asia Pacific Ram, Vignesh  10/2013
A Permanent American Presence in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey 09/2013
Sino-Japanese Clash Jones, David T.  06/2013
Understanding North Korea Sylvester, John  04/2013
Tensions and Diplomacy in the South China Sea Sempa, Francis P.  04/2013
Japan's Daunting Challenge Sylvester, John  03/2013
Teaching Kafka in China Levine, Paul 01/2013
The High Cost of Our Current Counterinsurgency Policy in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey L. 11/2012
Thai Memoir: Firsthand Observations on Countering Insurgencies: Lessons for Today? Virden, Dick 09/2012
The China Threat White, James W. 09/2012
The Philadelphia Orchestra's 1973 China Tour Tenny, Frank 09/2012
Reflections: Teaching Adventures in Cambodia, Taiwan, and Japan Jue, Florence 02/2012
Wars of Afghanistan Dillen, Mark E. 12/2011
Nation Building in Laos Richmond, Yale 12/2011
Did Stalemate Equal Victory? From the Korean to the Vietnam Wars Robinson, L. Spencer 11/2011
China and the Current Barbarians Sylvester, John 10/2011
Alliance Politics in Asia White, James W.  09/2011
Showdown at the U. S. Embassy Handley, John 05/2011
The China Fantasy Levine, Paul 05/2011
The War through Pakistani Eyes Iqbal, Imrana and Charles Pierson 02/2011
Why Jimmy Carter has Access to North Korea Brown, Aaron  10/2010
Preconditions for Success in Afghanistan Smith, Haviland  09/2010
Responding to the China Challenge Hunt, Michael H. 05/2010
Chinese Expansion and Western Influence in 21st Century Africa Robinson, David Alexander 02/2010
History's Lessons on Afghanistan Arnold, Anthony 12/2009
Two American Women Visit Beijing Jue, Stanton 11/2009
Obama and Afghanistan: Learning from Nixon's Vietnam Ordeal Hunt, Michael H. 11/2009
Other War: Winning and Losing in Afghanistan Abrahamson, James L. 11/2009
Why Vietnam Matters: An Eyewitness Account of Lessons Not Learned Bullington, J.R.  05/2009
Island Hoppin OAP's Bergesen, Bobbie 03/2009
The Clash of Cognitions: The United States, China, and Strategic Thinking Kerbel, Josh 02/2009
Toward a True Strategic Partnership with Indonesia La Porta, Al  01/2009
Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation Baldyga, Leonard J. 01/2009
Decisions Needed: ASEAN and Asian Regionalism  La Porta, Al 12/2008
Foreign Service Volunteers Fill Iraq/Afghanistan Positions Editor 11/2008
After the Taliban Cotter, Michael W. 09/2008
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Schneider, David K.  09/2008
Inchon and the Course of U.S. Foreign Policy Sempa, Francis P.  09/2008
Three Kings and Two Queens Williams, J. Edgar 08/2008
Experiences of Tuy-Cam in Hue Bullington, J.R. 07/2008
The New Face of Central Asia Cotter, Michael W. 06/2008
Northeast Asia Regionalism and Linkages with Southeast Asia La Porta, Al 06/2008
Sixty Years of Studying Malaya/Malaysia Palmer, Ronald D. 03/2008
Foiling an Assasination Plot in Togo Palmer, Ronald D. 02/2008
A Democracy-Building Success Story: U.S. Assistance to the Philippines after Marcos La Porta, Al 01/2008
Bad Times in Burma Bullington, J.R. 01/2008
Japanese-American Wartime Interactions: A Model Not Follwed in Iraq Straus, Ulrich 12/2007
The Asian Eclipse of Europe Sempa, Francis P. 11/2007
Life is a Foreign Language Mattox, Henry E. 10/2007
Easter Island: What to Learn from the Puzzles? Jones, David T. 10/2007
Japan's Territorial Disputes Sylvester, John 09/2007
Vietnam Revisited Bullington, J.R. 06/2007
Vietnam Revisited Bullington, J.R.  06/2007
China's Filthiest Export Tuner, Jennifer L. & Kim, Juli S. 03/2007
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Vol. XX, Southeast Asia, Announced FRUS 12/2006
Malaysian Identity Palmer, Ronald D.  11/2006
North Korea's Nuclear Explosion: Less Than Meets the Eye Jones, David T.  11/2006
Chain Reactions: Linking the Conflicts on the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan Strait Giovannettone, Justin R.  11/2006
Prospects for Ending North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program Hassig, Ralph C. & Oh, Kongdan 10/2006
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, volume XVII, China, 1969 -1972 FRUS 08/2006
North Korean Missiles Zhu, Zhiqun 07/2006
Next Up--Osama? Mattox, Henry E. 06/2006
Dining with Great Uncle Fulano And Other Curious Events Moon, Bart 06/2006
The Rise of the Indian Economy Williamson, John 05/2006
On Nepal and Democracy Mattox, Henry E. 05/2006
The One China Policy: Terms of Art Jue, Stanton 04/2006
Destination: Cambodia Jue, Stanton 03/2006
Lessons from Vietnam: Don't Cut and Run Cotter, Michael W.  03/2006
Into Africa: China's Quest for Resources and Influence deLisle, Jacques 02/2006
Our Journey to Laos Sher, Betty 01/2006
Manhattan to Vientiane Sheinbaum, Gilbert H.  12/2005
Before the Afghan War Coon, Jane Abell 12/2005
Kabul: Recollections Thirty-nine years later Hornblow, Michael 11/2005
Torrential Rainstorms in Sri Lanka, 1957 Fritz, Carl R. 10/2005
China's Grand Strategy and US Foreign Policy Goldstein, Avery 09/2005
From Toy Soldiers to Vietnam Strasser, Daniel 08/2005
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Bombs Abrahamson, James L. and O'Meara, Andrew Jr 08/2005
George Bush's Unfinished Asian Agenda Hathaway, Robert M.  05/2005
China's Global Ascent Palmer, Ronald D. 04/2005
Vietnam and Beyond: A Foggy Bottom View Dale, William N.  03/2005
Rehabilitating Diem Through Dim Saigon Eyes Maye, Paul D. 03/2005
No Cold War, No Korean War Millet, Allen R. 03/2005
Why Muslim Terrorism Exists in SE Asia Palmer, Ronald D. 03/2005
American Deterrence in the Taiwan Straits Lavere, Rick 03/2004
Terrorism in Southeast Asia: Local Origins, Global Consequences Palmer, Ronald D. 08/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Evacuating Nha Trang Adamson, David 04/2003
Crises and Evacuations: It's a Small World Anderson, Pam 04/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Starting Off with a Bang Seals, Kyla J. 04/2003
Hell on Earth: Life in Il Sung's Gulag: Chol-Hwan and Rigoulot's Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag Handley, John M. 12/2002
John Bull and Uncle Sam Grapple With South East Asian Nationalism: Jones' Conflict and Confrontation in South East Asia, 1961-1965 Fritz, Carl R. 12/2002
Sinical Voters? Elections in Greater China... and the United States deLisle, Jacques 12/2002
Release of Foreign Relations Volume FRUS 11/2002
Letter from an Unbalanced Woman Nixon, Jack L. 10/2002
U.S. Department of State Releases Volumes on Vietnam FRUS 10/2002
The Imperfect Butler Bergesen, Bobbie 08/2002
DACOR Conference on India Announced DACOR 08/2002
South East Asia Today: The Terrorist Threat in Historical Perspective Palmer, Ronald D. 07/2002
On the Road to Kabul King, Gordon 07/2002
Babalu At Churi Dang Bergesen, Bobbie 04/2002
Indian Scholar Publishes Security Study Publisher 03/2002
Stars and Stripes High Over the Rising Sun. Book: Sarantakes' Keystone American Occupation of Okinawa and U.S. Japanese Relations Bacevich, Andrew J. 02/2002
On the Bangledesh Rocket Bergesen, Bobbie 02/2002
India, Pakistan, and Kashmir -- A Personal View Williams, J. Edgar 01/2002
U.S. Policy Towards Southeast Asia Palmer, Ronald D. 12/2001
A Riot for Dinner Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2001
Beijing Plays the Washington Card, Book: America's Response to China Levine, Steven I. 10/2001
FRUS Volume on Indonesia, Malasia-Singapore, Philippines FRUS 08/2001
Armed 'Ugly American' of the Oreint. Book: Cross's Born a Foreigner Fritz, Carl R. 06/2001
Chinese Warfare: The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson (Reprint) Sawyer, Ralph D. 04/2001
Michael Jordan in North Korea, Revisited Schmiel, Gene 03/2001
Department of State releases FRUS volume on Mainland Southeast Asia FRUS 12/2000
Mythed Mythed Opportunities: Comments on Vietnam fromPersonal Experience Bullington, J. R. 08/2000
Warburg Conference: India & Pakistan: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons Barnes, Harry G. Jr. 08/2000
Essay Competition on U.S. - China Relations National Committee on United States-China Relations 08/2000
Agreement on Indonesia Policy Fritz, Carl R. 08/2000
Warburg Conference: US in the Asian-Pacific: The A View from the Bottom of the Globe McLean, Denis 04/2000
Confronting the Political and Economic Crisis Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, February 16, 2000 Friend, Theodore 04/2000
From Repression to Reform? Indonesian Politics and the Military, 1997-1999 Palmer, Ronald D. 04/2000
Great Game: A Duel of Intriguing Imperialists, The. Book: Meyer & Brysac's Tournament of Shadows: The Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia Cotter, Michael W. 04/2000
Repatriation from Wartime Japan  Baker, Robin 02/2000
Comment On: Listing the Best and the Rest  Williams, J. Edgar 02/2000
Mackinder's World Sempa, Francis P. 02/2000
Alliance in Doubt Sarantakes, Nicholas Evan 09/1999
Focus on China: Is China Unstable Pei, Minxin 09/1999
Southeast Asia: One year after the Outbreak of the Financial Crisis Brown, David G. 09/1999
China Conference Announced Announcement 09/1999
Sand and Sediment Mattox, Henry E. 09/1999
Focus on China: Present at the Footnote: China in 1945AD-One Man's Experience Fritz, Carl R. 09/1999
Focus on China: Chinese Warfare: The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson Sawyer, Ralph 09/1999
Taiwan Earthquake: Appeal for Help Publisher 09/1999
Focus on China: Tawain Trouble Grant, Thomas D. 09/1999
Globalism vs. Economic Nationalism: The Southeast Asian Case Palmer, Ronald D. 06/1999
Banker as Diplomat: Thomas W. Lamont in Post-World War I Japan Kilgroe, Louisa E. 06/1999
End of an Era: The Southeast Asia Currency Crisis Palmer, Ronald D. 09/1998
Rockefellers Come to Call, The: Close Calls on Protocol in Malaysia Underhill, Francis 09/1998
US Relations with a Changing China Borich, Joseph 07/1998
Religion and Romance in Wartime Vietnam Bullington, J.R.  07/1998
U.S. Foreign Relations Series Laos Volume (1964-1968) Released by Department of State. FRUS 04/1998
Vietnam Reconsidered Marks, Edward 01/1998
Americanism and Strategic Security: The Pacific Basin, 1943-1947 Friedman, Hal M. 10/1997
Saigon Medical Care, 1959-1961 McIntyre, Donald, M.D. 10/1997
My Time Isn't Always Your Time Underhill, Francis 04/1997
Japan at War: Kobe and the Exchange Melbourne, Roy M. 03/1997
Southeast Asia in 1996 Palmer, Ronald D. 12/1996
American Civilian in the Vietnam War, An Fritz, Carl R. 12/1996

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