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James and the Moscow Goons Bridges, Peter 04/2018
The Marshall Plan: Seventy Years Since the Start of a Great Diplomatic Effort McNamara, Thomas E. 04/2018
Carol A. Peasley ADST 04/2018
The Surprising Allure of Russian Soft Power Petro, Nicolai N. 04/2018
We Found Ourselves Living in the Midst of a Battlefield: The Experiences of the U.S. Consulate General in Warsaw on the Outbreak of World War II September 1939 Langbart, David A. 04/2018
The Economic Cooperation Act ADST 04/2018
Russia and Turkey-Dalliance or Alliance Pearson, W. Robert 02/2018
Moment of Truth: Ch 17 of Cotton Fields to Summits Kennedy, George  12/2017
Amendments to the Governance Structure of the Holy See and Canon Law during the European Migration Crisis Ujhazi, Lorand 12/2017
Who Holds the Trump Cards? Tragi-comedies of Error Across the Pond Cox, Robert 10/2017
Skegness is So Bracing Baker, Robert 06/2017
John Lothrop Motley: The Fall from Grace Sommers, William 06/2017
Possible Future of Drone Warfare Scarborough  06/2017
Reimagining Great Power Relationships: International Environment Freeman, Charles  03/2017
The French Flag, a Symbol of Patriotism or Nationalism? Anyse, Alex 03/2017
John Lothrop Motley: The Witty US Minister to Vienna  Sommers, William 03/2017
Moon Rocks at Home Baker, Robert 01/2017
Reminiscences of life under communism: Soviet Show trials Brown, John  01/2017
Runs, Hikes, and Cops in Bohemia Bridges, Peter  01/2017
Vienna Snow and Soviet Meltdown Baker, Robert 11/2016
Communist Secret Police Uncloak the Love of a Lifetime Nagy, Ernest 04/2016
Russian Hybrid War Reaches the UN Christy, Tatiana 03/2016
Gloria Irene (Wasielewski) Kreisher: English Language Teaching Officer Extraordinaire and the English Teaching Officer Profession at the Department of State Gosende, Robert 02/2016
Old Times on the Soviet Desk Bridges, Peter 01/2016
Christmas Card to Budapest Leads to Vista of Consummate Evil Sommers, William 12/2015
London Christmas Staff Party Baker, Robert 12/2015
Christmas Action at the Vatican Creagan, James F.  12/2015
Early Days at London Embassy Baker, Robert 11/2015
Chapter 9: La Dolce Vita Fulton, Barry  10/2015
1930s American Films at Embassy London Baker, Robert 10/2015
Saakashvili as Odessa governor Shlapentokh, Dmitry V. 10/2015
Partners in Leadership: German-American Relations in a Post- 9/11-World Reimer, Mirco 06/2015
United Kingdom on todays international stage Mathieu, Kenneth 06/2015
Containment, Again: A Long-Tern Perspective on Recent Russian Claims  Renouard, Joe  04/2015
Conflict in Ukraine: The Unwinding of the Post-Cold War Order Brown, John  04/2015
Ruling Russia: Authoritarianism from the Revolution to Putin Brown, John  01/2015
Show Me Your Ear! The Berlin Wall Baker, Robert 11/2014
War and Great Power Diplomacy After Napoleon Quainton, Anthony C. E. 10/2014
Vienna Snow Baker, Robert 10/2014
How Russia Could Have Stopped World War I  Abrahamson, James L  08/2014
Lessons of World War I  Abrahamson, James L  08/2014
Foreign Secretary's Speech to House of Commons WWI  Sempa, Francis P.  08/2014
Churchill Sempa, Francis P.  08/2014
Lenin on World War I  Jones, David T.  08/2014
William Dean Howells as the Civil War Consul in Venice Sommers, William 06/2014
Ten Principles of Operational Diplomacy: a proposed framework Kreutzer, Paul 06/2014
The Outlaw Vladimir Putin Handley, John 05/2014
Why Washington Needs to Open Its Eyes to Iran's Intentions Abrahamson, James L  05/2014
Could the Ukraine Crisis Reboot NATO? Abrahamson, James L  05/2014
Russia's War On Ukraine DeAtkine, Norvell B. 04/2014
Coming home: different Popes for different times Virden, Dick  04/2014
Crimea and the Lessons of Frozen Conflicts Abrahamson, James L  04/2014
Time to Pull the Transatlantic Economic Lever Abrahamson, James L  04/2014
Merkel, Putin and The Lessons Of History Handley, John 04/2014
A Policy for Ukraine Schindler, Sol  04/2014
Ukraine: What Russia Wants Handley, John 03/2014
Principle and Prudence in American Foriegn Policy Handley, John  03/2014
Marxist Theoretical Debates in Europe during the Cold War Mottale, Morris 02/2014
Margaret Thatcher The Authorized Biography Beechey, David 02/2014
Crisis in Ukraine Kiehl, William P. 02/2014
Helsinki and Human Rights Richmond, Yale 02/2014
Seeking inforamtion from Vienna 1986 Announcement 12/2013
Embassy Vatican under the spell of Embassy Rome Creagan, James F.  12/2013
The Other Europe Chikes, Csaba  12/2013
Scenes from a revolution: Romania after the fall Virden, Dick  10/2013
Poor Albania After Communism Baker, Robert 10/2013
Austria Redux Roberts, Walter R.  09/2013
If You Like Cats Richmond, Yale 09/2013
Strategy in the Aftermath of War: Waterloo, the Somme and Omaha Beach Sempa, Francis P.  09/2013
On Behalf of a Grateful Nation, Honoring the American Military in Belgium Schoonover, Brenda Brown 06/2013
Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Cypriot Perspective Sempa, Francis P.  05/2013
In Europe: A Growing Case for Banning Hezbollah Abrahamson, James L  05/2013
The Russian Far East: Challenges and Opportunities Handley, John  05/2013
The Russian Stake in Afghanistan Cotter, Michael W. 04/2013
Remembering Van Cliburn: Despatch From the Embassy in the Soviet Union to the Department of State Moscow, July 18, 1960. Tuch, Hans N. 03/2013
Austrian Capital 'Filled with Iranian Spies' Handley, John  03/2013
Munich Security Conference Ringl, Andreas  03/2013
Good Italy Bad Italy Clare, Gwen 02/2013
James Russell Lowell, US Minister to Spain Sommers, William 01/2013
The Reception and Impact of Western and Polish Emigre Books and Periodicals in Communist-Ruled Poland Between July 1, 1956 and June 30, 1973 Reisch, Alfred A. 11/2012
The Stumble Stones of Oslo: Memorials to Norway’s Holocaust Victims Smith, Nina Bramabani 10/2012
KGB or FSB? Richmond, Yale 09/2012
Armenian Genocide Evans, John M. 06/2012
Saul Bellow in Poland Richmond, Yale 06/2012
Not (Y)our Father's Russia Jones, David T.  05/2012
God Save the Queen Baker, Robert 05/2012
Everything Comes to Russia Late Richmond, Yale 04/2012
Turkey's New Foreign Policy in the New World Muzalevsky 04/2012
Vladimir Putin Handley, John 04/2012
The Brcko Experience Murphy, Dennis M.  03/2012
The Day Austria disappeared from the Map Roberts, Walter R.  02/2012
Putin's Statecraft Cofffey, John W.  02/2012
Invasion of Czechoslovakia Richmond, Yale 02/2012
Somewhere in France, Somewhere in Germany Abrahamson, James L. 02/2012
Years of Self-inflicted Disasters – Austria before Annexation in 1938 Roberts, Walter R.  02/2012
Putin's Statecraft Cofffey, John W.  01/2012
All Quiet on the Western Front Heil, Alan L. Jr. 12/2011
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Smith, Keith C. 11/2011
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Gundersen, Jon 11/2011
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Abrahamson, James L. 11/2011
Georgia and America: Early Contacts Bridges, Peter 11/2011
Circus Attach_ in Moscow Richmond, Yale 09/2011
Berlin 1961 Palmer, Mark 09/2011
Warsaw - My Best Post Richmond, Yale 06/2011
Public Diplomacy Began in Germany Richmond, Yale 05/2011
Russia Against Napoleon Kursch, Donald 05/2011
Brcko: Art as a Commitment to Peace Sommers, William 04/2011
Women in Diplomacy: An Assessment of British Female Ambassadors in Overcoming Gender Heirarchy, 1990-2010 Rahman, Talyn 04/2011
Blue Danube Leaks Richmond, Yale 04/2011
How the Hamburger Came to Moscow Richmond, Yale 02/2011
Europe: The New Plan Zeihan, Peter 01/2011
Nixon in Warsaw Richmond, Yale  11/2010
From Nyet to Da Handley, John 11/2010
Moscow's Man in the Street Richmond, Yale 10/2010
Petrograd, Potatoes and Ambassador David Francis Schumaker, James  09/2010
Avenue Gabriel Moon, Bart  09/2010
British Diplomacy in Turkey Handley, John  09/2010
How Public Diplomacy Brought The Wall Street Journal To Poland Richmond, Yale  09/2010
Slovakia on the Road to Independence Hornblow, Michael 06/2010
A Nuclear Weapons Free NATO Byrne, Edson and Hlosek  04/2010
My Hungarian Vista Sommers, William 04/2010
On Man Changed Greece and Turkey Forever Jennings, Roger  03/2010
Churchill Sempa, Francis P. 02/2010
All Quiet on the Western Front Williams, J. Edgar  02/2010
When the KGB Tried to Recruit Me Williams, J. Edgar 01/2010
Winning Turkey: How America, Europe, and Turkey Can Revive a Fading Partnership Handley, John 09/2009
NATO at Sixty Jones, David T. 04/2009
The United States Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders ICD 09/2008
Comrade J: Russia's Master Spy in America Handley, John 05/2008
Somewhere in France Sempa, Francis P. 05/2008
God and Gold: Britain Sempa, Francis P. 03/2008
Turkey's New Era Pearson, W. Robert 03/2008
Combating Islamic Terrorism in Europe Baker, Kristen; Mirchell, James; Tindall, Brian 11/2007
Last Days of Europe Abrahamson, James L. 10/2007
CFE: Will It Remain a Cornerstone of European Security? Andres, Janet 09/2007
British Diplomatic Oral Histories Now Available on Internet Editor 08/2007
The Prince: A Master Translator Who Influenced a major Treaty Andres, Janet 07/2007
Understanding Democratic Transitions Basora, Adrian 10/2006
What a Difference a Decade Makes Bradberry, Daivd A. 09/2006
Counterterrorism and the Itegration of Islam in Europe Klausen, Jytte 07/2006
Saved, Paradoxically, By Being Shot At Bradberry, David A. 07/2006
Lincoln, London and Emancipation Diplomacy Crawford, Martin 05/2006
Lady Astor & Me Dale, William N.  05/2006
France and the United States: A Response Rockwell, W.J.K. 03/2006
Once Upon a Time in the Land of the South Slavs Iossi, Milton L. 01/2006
Churchillian Cold War Diplomacy: Putting Britannia First Stanke, Jaclyn 01/2006
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Vol. XII, Soviet Union, Announced FRUS 01/2006
The Permanent French Crisis O'Meara, Andrew P. Jr. 12/2005
We'll Always Have Paris Mattox, Henry E. 10/2005
London 7/7 and Its Impact Radu, Michael 08/2005
A well told tale of intrigue Platt, Rorin M. 08/2005
To Be Or Not to Be: A United States of Europe? Mattox, Henry E. 06/2005
Is Europe Dying? Weigel, George 06/2005
Embalming History Angell. James B. 05/2005
Lost in Traffic Barry, David F. 05/2005
Whither France? Rubin, Barry 04/2005
I Pay My Debt for Lafayette Rockwell, W.J.K. 07/2004
Frontstadt Berlin: Travel Notes From the Cold War Heichler, Lucian 02/2004
The Flood in Lisbon Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2003
Trafalgar and the Balance of Power Sempa, Francis P. 12/2003
My Dependent Wife Heichler, Lucian 12/2003
The Nature of French Diplomacy: Reflections of American Diplomats Mak, Dayton S. 09/2003
Bulgarian Political Development, 1989-2003 Handley, John 08/2003
The Future of Kosovo Johnson, Stephen & Dale, Helle 05/2003
Germany in the Spring Garfinkle, Adam 04/2003
Return to Vienna Bergesen, Bobbie 04/2003
James W. Gerard: His Image of Imperial Germany, 1913-1918 Kampmark, Binoy 04/2003
Via delle Montagne Rocciose Heichler, Lucian 04/2003
Flashbacks of a Diplomat's Wife Reviewed Williams, J. Edgar  04/2003
Review of One World: The Ethics of Globalization Perry, Jack 04/2003
Vignettes from a Tour in Albania Weech, William 01/2003
Little Red Schoolhouse Reuckert, Evelyn D. 12/2002
Conference and Call for Papers Announced Research Institute for European and American Studies 12/2002
Marriage 1961 Style Nixon, Jack L. 10/2002
We Once Lived in Russia Matthewman, Robin 10/2002
Bulgaria and the 1990 Gulf War Coalition Handley, John M. 07/2002
Democracy's Impact on Civil Society in East Central Europe Beebe, S. D. 06/2002
I Remember... How Berlin Mourned John F. Kennedy Heichler, Lucian 06/2002
The Problem of Londonistan: Europe, Human Rights, and Terrorists Radu, Michael 04/2002
A Return to the Kremlin Sommerlatte, Karl 01/2002
The Arm in the Right Uniform Bergesen, Bobbie 08/2001
French with a Few Tears (Reprint) Underhill, Francis 08/2001
Bear v. The Eagle Over Anatolia. Joyce's Both Hunter & Hunted Dale, William N. 06/2001
U. S. Department of State Releases Volume XII of FRUS FRUS 04/2001
U. S. Department of State Releases FRUS volumes on the Soviet Union, 1964-1968, the Near East Region and Arabian Peninsula, 1964-68; and South Korea, 1964-68 FRUS 03/2001
Troia Horse, The Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2000
Poor Forgotten Gorby: The First Bolshevik's Last Apologist. Book: Gorbachev's n My Country and the World Sibley, Katherine A. S.  08/2000
Warburg Conference: Greece & Turkey: The Clash of Civilizations Stearns, Monteagle 08/2000
One Example of Natural Allies Mattox, Henry E. 08/2000
Kaiser Bill and John Bull As Co-Hegemons. Book: Ferguson's The Pity of War Maurer, John H. 08/2000
Warburg Conference: Europe in the Twenty-first Century Pond, Elizabeth 04/2000
Boris Yeltsin Enters the History Books Moon, Keith 02/2000
Consular Inspections and Reports  Duncan, Graham 02/2000
Kosovo Alternatives Matheron, Richard; Nasi, Andrea; Bullington, J. R. 09/1999
Waging Peace in Kosovo Ryland-Holmes, Barry 09/1999
Where Are the Cubans in This War? Book: Perez, The War of 1898 Mitchell, Nancy 09/1999
Religion in Diplomatic History McDougall, Walter A. 06/1999
American Interests, American Values, and War in the Balkans Bullington, J. R. 06/1999
Many Faces of Christmas Underhill, Francis 06/1999
If This be Victory Mattox, Henry E. 06/1999
Let Sleeping Tsars Lie: The Crurse of the Romanovs  Moon, Keith 04/1999
Red Scare or Red Menace? Book: Weinstein & Vassilev's The Hounted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America-The Stalin Era Platt, Rorin M. 04/1999
Attitudes Toward European Security, 1990-1997 Lungu, Sorin 04/1999
Bombs for Peace? Misreading Kosovo Radu, Michael 04/1999
Ambassador Lodge Corrects the Record Williams, J. Edgar 02/1999
Venture in Scholarship: 'A Most Unusual Type of Work': Tourists, the Paris Embassy, and U.S.-French Relations Endy, Christopher 02/1999
Mr. Carr Goes to Prague Bridges, Peter 09/1998
Columbus Discovers America Williams, Ed 07/1998
Ms. Hearst, I presume? Schmiel, Gene 04/1998
Bijeljina, the Second Time Around Matheron, Richard 04/1998
Bosnia: A Summing Up Strausz-Hupe, Robert 04/1998
German Security Policy in the 1990s Dorff, Robert H. 04/1997
New Russia, The: Thanksgiving 1996 Moon, Keith 03/1997
Terrorism: Its Cause and Cure Jones, Curtis F. 03/1997
Advice to a Fledgling Diplomat Underhill, Francis 03/1997
French with a Few Tears Underhill, Francis 12/1996
End of the Story, The Williams, Ed 09/1996

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