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Findings of 2012 Report: Race Matters in Educational Diversity for Students, Institutions, and Society

A Report of the Educational Diversity Project addresses two empirical questions: (1) Do students differ by race upon entering law school? (2) Do any differences contribute educational benefits to students, institutions, or society? The Report’s extensive quantitative and qualitative empirical data support findings that a racially diverse law student body provides educational benefits for students, for their institution, and for society. To preview the article see Does Race Matter in Educational Diversity? A Legal and Empirical Analysis, 13 RUTGERS RACE AND THE LAW REVIEW – Issue 2 (forthcoming 2012).

For an in-depth examination of the forms of affirmative action from which “educational diversity” is derived, see the Supplement to the “Does Race Matter” article in Diversity's Roots and Routes: The Rugged Road for African Americans.

The Educational
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The Educational Diversity Project examines the role of race (and other factors) in educational diversity in law school settings. A survey assessing diversity in multiple domains was administered to over 8,000 incoming students from 68 law schools in the U.S....more

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The Educational Diversity Project (EDP) reflects our multidisciplinary perspectives from law, psychology, higher education, sociology, and educational methodology...more

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