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Research and Findings

The Educational Diversity Project Baseline Survey pdf document

Summary of Major Diversity Domains (coming soon)
Assessed in the Baseline Educational Diversity Project Survey of Incoming Law Students

Spring 2007 Findings

Baseline Findings for Section A pdf document
This research report provides basic information about how law student background characteristics (e.g., religion, political orientation, school experience, current financial status) relate to race/ethnicity and gender.

Baseline Findings for Section B pdf document
This report summarizes how race/ethnicity is related to a variety of family background characteristics. Results reported from Section B indicate that race/ethnicity predicts many facets of educational diversity, including parental income and occupation, number of parents/guardians, racial/ethnic identity and socialization, and languages spoken at home.

Baseline Findings for Section C pdf document
This technical report describes past experiences with education and discrimination in the baseline EDP sample, and summarizes how past experiences assessed in Section C relate to race/ethnicity and gender. It covers questions about lifetime discrimination, microagressions, and coping mechanisms that students use when they experience discrimination. Section C also asks about college-related activities, coursework, interactions with students of different race/ethnicities, and faculty/mentor relationships.

Baseline Findings for Section D pdf document
A major goal of the Educational Diversity Project was to determine whether a quantifiable measure of diversity exists, and to identify such a measure. The goal of the attitude and perspective section of the survey was to obtain a snapshot view of the general socio-political beliefs students held when arriving at law school. Section D of the EDP Baseline survey assessed student socio-political attitudes about federal spending, social issues, race relations, and discrimination against different groups in America. In addition to describing the sample, this report summarizes how each attitude relates to race/ethnicity and gender.