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Network of European Union Centers of Excellence (EUCE) Hosts EUSA Papers

Papers presented at EUSA 2007 are hosted here, at the website of the Network of European Union Centers of Excellence ( Our site is based on the version of the program that went to print May 9th. For the sake of consistency, we cannot alter paper titles that may have changed since then. Though the paper submission deadline of May 9th has passed, you may still submit your paper electronically (PDF preferred, Word accepted) to: Please include the following information to be sure prompt and accurate uploading to the site:

  1. presenter name and institutional affiliation
  2. paper title (please note if the title has changed from the original proposal)
  3. Panel title, day and time
  4. your email address (if you wish it to be listed with the paper)

Papers received by May 9th are assured of being uploaded to the site by May 16th. Papers received after May 14th will be uploaded as quickly as possible, usually within a week.

bullet   Search/find/sort Papers: Word | PDF
bullet   Search/find/sort Papers: Excel

Instructions on How to Sort in Excel (see below)

You can sort information in an Excel database to quickly identify the papers that match your interests. To do so, follow these steps:

  • First, click on the Excel link to download the spreadsheet. When prompted, click Save to save the file onto your computer.
  • Next, click on any cell in the spreadsheet
  • Then, click Data (in the menu of options at the top of the page), then click Sort
  • Select "My list has...Header row" in the option box that emerges
  • Proceed to sort by whichever column(s) you prefer, e.g. "Author Last Name"