The Euro Major: Heading

The curriculum in Contemporary European Studies is designed as a complementary degree for students wishing to deepen their understanding of the issues and events currently shaping Europe. Students majoring in EURO are therefore encouraged to pursue EURO in conjunction with a second major.

The EURO curriculum focuses on three themes:

  1. Integration and Enlargement;
  2. Histories and Cultures;
  3. Images, Narratives, and Ideas.

EURO majors are required to complete six semesters of a European language, a level of linguistic proficiency sufficient to operate effectively and conduct undergraduate research in the second language. This unique combination of courses and extensive language training enables students to study contemporary Europe through a sophisticated interdisciplinary framework.

Students may also be interested in the resources available through UNC-Chapel Hill's Center for European Studies, a U.S. Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center and a European Union Center of Excellence funded by the European Commission. CES offers a wide range of ongoing programs including guest speakers, film festivals, conferences, and cultural events. The Center also houses the TransAtlantic Masters Program (TAM), a degree program for students seeking international careers in administration, diplomacy, business, policy-making, consulting, teaching, and research.

Graduating with a EURO major provides students the intellectual building blocks necessary to pursue graduate studies on contemporary Europe.