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By-Laws of the Division of Fine Arts

(amended and approved 19 April 1979, revised 4 November 2002)

1. Membership. The Fine Arts Division of the College of Arts and Sciences consists of the following departments:

a. The Department of Art,
b. The Department of Dramatic Art,
c. The Department of Music,

and such other appropriate departments or curriculae as may from time to time be created within or assigned to the Division. All voting faculty members* in the Fine Arts Division departments/curriculae shall have the right to vote in the Division.

2. Officers. The officers of the Fine Arts Division shall be a Chair and a Vice-Chair.

a. The Chair shall serve for a term of three (3) years, renewable one time. Candidates for Chair of the Division shall be full professors in the Division, who are not chairing their respective department.

b. The Vice-Chair shall serve for a term of three (3) years, renewable one time. Candidates for Vice-Chair of the Division shall be tenured associate or full professors in the Division, who are not chairing their respective department.

3. Duties and Powers of the Officers.

a. The Chair shall act as the chief officer of the Division, preside over meetings of the Division called by him/her, and represent the Division on the Arts and Sciences Subcommittee of the Committee on Instructional Personnel (ASAC).

b. The Chair may create standing or ad hoc committees as needed.

c. The Vice-Chair shall be responsible each semester for reviewing and, in consultation with the originating unit, revising in a timely manner additions, deletions, and changes to course proposals in the Division before forwarding them to the appropriate Administrative Boards of the College and the Graduate School. The Vice-Chair shall also perform any duties assigned to him/her by the Faculty Code, the Chair of the Division, or the Dean of the College.

4. Elections. Elections for officers of the Division shall be conducted by the Secretary of the Faculty, who shall place on the official ballot the names submitted by the Nominating Committee of the Division. The next election shall occur in the spring of 2003, and every third year after that. The candidates elected as officers shall serve for a term of three (3) years and take office on the first of July following their election. Interim vacancies shall be filled by the Secretary of the Faculty from the list of those voted on in the most recent election in the order of the highest number of votes received unless all such persons decline appointment, or are ineligible, or there is an insufficient number, in which case the vacancy shall be filled by appointment of the Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee (ASAC).

5. Identification and Duties of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Chairs of the Departments in the Fine Arts Division, who themselves cannot be officers of the Division.

6. Duties of the Nominating Committee. In principle it will be the object of the Nominating Committee to identify eligible candidates and secure their willingness to serve. Ideally the Nominating Committee will identify at least one candidate for each office of the Division from each department of the Division.

7. Meetings of the Division. The Chair of the Division alone may call meetings as needed, either on his/her own initiative or at the written request of the Vice-Chair or other faculty members of the Division. The Chair calls the meeting, draws up the agenda and announces the time, place, and specific items of business to be dealt with. Meetings should be announced at least ten days in advance with a written agenda provided at least five days in advance.


*Voting faculty members are interpreted to be regular tenure-track faculty and full-time fixed term faculty members with contracts of three (3) years or longer of service.