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By-Laws of the Division of Humanities

As amended February 4, 2002

1. Membership. The Humanities Division of the College of Arts and Sciences shall consist of the Departments of Classics, Communication Studies, English, Germanic Languages, Linguistics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Romance Languages, Slavic Languages, and the Curricula in American Studies, Asian Studies, Comparative Literature, and Folklore, and such other appropriate departments or curricula as may from time to time be created.

2. Officers. The officers of the Division shall be a Chair and a Chair of the Course Committee. There shall be an elected first alternate and second alternate each for the offices of Chair and Chair of the Course Committee. Alternates shall serve in the temporary absence from the University of the respective officer and shall serve the remainder of the term in the event of death, incapacity, resignation, or retirement.

The Chair must be a Full Professor in the Division who is not the Chair of a department or curriculum, shall serve a term of three years, and may not hold office for more than two consecutive terms. The Chair of the Course Committee shall be a tenured faculty member of the Division who is not the Chair of a department or curriculum, shall serve a term of three years, and shall be eligible for reelection to any number of terms.

3. Election of Officers of the Division. Elections of the Division shall be conducted by the Secretary of the Faculty, who shall place on the official ballot the names submitted by the Nominating Committee of the Division. Every third spring, reckoning from the Spring of 2001, the Chair of the Humanities Division shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three tenured faculty members from three different units in the Division, designating one as Chair. The Nominating Committee shall invite nominations from all voting faculty in the Division for the offices of Chair and Chair of the Course Committee, describing the duties of each office in the invitation for nominations. The Nominating Committee shall count the names proposed. The names of the persons with the three highest numbers of nominations for the offices shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Faculty to be placed on a ballot as part of regular, annual faculty elections. All persons listed as members of the voting faculty in departments and curricula in the Humanities Division shall be eligible to vote.

4. Committees. (a) The sole standing committee of the Division is the Course Committee. Each Department or Curriculum Chair shall appoint a representative to the Course Committee for a term of three years. The Course Committee is responsible for reviewing and, in consultation with the originating unit, revising additions, deletions, and changes to descriptions of courses in the Division. The Course Committee must meet deadlines specified by the College and may do its work by subcommittee or by email at the discretion of the Chair of the Course Committee.

(b) A Nominating Committee shall be appointed every three years. Other standing and ad hoc committees may be created by the Chair of the Division as needed.

4. Meetings. The Chair of the Division shall call meetings as needed, either on his or her own initiative or at the request of faculty members in the Division.

February 4, 2002