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By-Laws of the Division of the Basic and Applied Natural Sciences

As amended April 3, 2002

1. Officers. The officers of the Division shall be a Chair and a Vice Chair. The Chair must be a Professor in the Division, shall serve a term of three years, and may not hold office for more than two terms. The Vice Chair must be a Professor or tenured Associate Professor in the Division and shall serve a term of three years concurrently with the Chair. If the Chair is unable to serve, the Chairs of the Departments in the Division will appoint a replacement chosen from among the nominees for that post in the preceding election. If none of the nominees is able to serve, a special election to replace the Chair will be held according to the method described in the following paragraph. If the Vice Chair is unable to serve, the same procedure for naming a replacement will be followed as for replacing the Chair.

2. Election of Officers of the Division. The Division shall provide to the Secretary of the Faculty a list of people willing to serve as officers of the Division. The University Nominating Committee will draw nominees from this list but may add others, if possible nominating three candidates for each position. Nominees for Chair of the Division must be Professors in the Division, and nominees for Vice Chair of the Division must be Professors or tenured Associate Professors in the Division. The election of officers shall be administered by the Secretary of the Faculty.

3. Committees.

(a) The main standing committee of the Division is the Course Committee. Its Chair is the Vice Chair of the Division. Each Department Chair shall appoint a representative to the Course Committee for a term of three years.

(b) A committee of Department Chairs (or their delegates) and Division Officers presided over by the Chair of the Division may meet from time to time to consider common problems. Other standing and ad hoc committees may be created by the Chair of the Division as needed.

Approved by the Division
April 3, 2002