Administrative Board of the Library

Charge and Composition:

13-1. Administrative Board of the Library; composition. There shall be an Administrative Board of the Library composed of nineteen members. Thirteen members shall be elected by and from the following electoral divisions:

13-2. Administrative Board of the Library; election. (a) The Academic Affairs Libraries shall elect one member who shall hold the rank of librarian, associate librarian, or assistant librarian. The remaining divisions shall elect three members, one of whom shall hold the rank of professor and two of whom shall hold the ranks of associate professor or assistant professor. The chair of the faculty shall appoint for a term of three years one member who holds the rank of professor, associate professor, or assistant professor in a school within the Division of Health Affairs. The dean of the College of Arts and Sciences shall appoint for a term of one year one undergraduate student. The dean of the Graduate School shall appoint for terms of one year two graduate students. The University librarian and the dean of the Graduate School shall be members ex officio. The board shall elect annually a secretary and chair from among its members. It shall meet upon the call of the chair or of the University librarian at least six times each calendar year.

(b) Elected members of the board shall serve terms of three years, representing the rank for which they were elected, and shall  not succeed themselves immediately. They shall be nominated and elected by the process employed for the Faculty Council. No more than one elected member is to be drawn from any single school or department.

13-3. Administrative Board of the Library; duties. Subject to the power of the General Faculty and the Faculty Council, the Administrative Board shall:

2.  Formulate, together with the University librarian, the basic policies governing the acquisition of library materials and the use of such materials;
3.  Allocate, with the advice of the University librarian, the book funds which are not specifically designated;
4.  Submit to the chancellor, through the University librarian, its advice on the establishment or discontinuance of library service units outside of the general library building;
5.  Review the University librarians budget request; and
6.  Make an annual report to the Faculty Council.
Name Constituency & Department
Term Expires
M. Catharine Newbury, Chair Social Sciences (Political Science) 1999
Howard Aldrich Social Sciences (Sociology) 2000
James M. Coggins Natural Sciences (Computer Science) 2000
Alice R. Cotten Academic Affairs Libraries 2001
Jane M. Danielewicz Humanities (English) 2000
Louise Dolan Natural Sciences (Physics & Astronomy) 2000
on leave
Spr 99 
A. Conrad Neumann Natural Sciences (Marine Sciences) alternate Spr 99 only
Lynda Dykstra (ex officio) Graduate School Dean ---
David A. Hammond Fine Arts (Dramatic Art) 1999
Joseph Hewitt (ex officio) University Librarian ---
John E. Hammond Health Affairs (Pathology & Lab Medicine) 2001
William J. Kier Natural Sciences (Biology) 2001
James L. Leoudis Social Sciences (History) 2001
Richard J. Richardson (ex officio) Office of the Provost ---
Jack M. Sasson Humanities (Religious Studies) 1999
Thomas A. Stumpf Humanities (English) 2001
Dorothy Verkerk Fine Arts (Art) 2000
Brent Wissick Fine Arts (Music) 2001
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