Administrative Board of the Library


Roster: (Other appointments pending.)


Constituency & Department

Term Expires

Daniel Anderson

Humanities (English)


A. Reid Barbour

Humanities (English)


Larry Benninger

Natural Sciences (Geological Sciences)


Dino S. Cervigni

Humanities (Romance Languages)


Patricia A. Curtin

Professional Schools (School of Journalism)


Linda Dykstra (ex officio)

Dean of the Graduate School


Paul Farel

Health Affairs (Cell & Molecular Physiology)


Jon W. Finson

Fine Arts (Music)


Michael Gagne

Natural Sciences (Chemistry)


Donald Haggis

At-large (Classics)


Diane M. Juffras

Professional Schools (School of Government)


Charles Kurzman

Social Sciences (Sociology)


Charlotte Mason

Professional Sch. (Kenan-Flagler Business Sch.)


Robert Peet

At-large (Biology)


Richard J. A. Talbert

Social Sciences (History)


Paul H. Tiesinga

Natural Sciences (Physics and Astronomy)


Margaretta J. Yarborough

Academic Affairs Libraries



Charge and Composition:
(Excerpt from the Faculty Code of University Government.)

13-1. Administrative Board of the Library; composition. (a) There shall be an Administrative Board of the Library
composed of twenty-two members. Fourteen members shall be elected by and from the following electoral divisions:

1. The Division of Fine Arts of the College of Arts and Sciences — one member.
2. The Division of the Humanities of the College of Arts and Sciences — three members.
3. The Division of the Basic and Applied Natural Sciences of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Institute
          of Marine Sciences
— three members.
4. The Division of the Social Sciences of the College of Arts and Sciences — three members.
5. The School of Journalism and Mass Communication, the Kenan-Flagler Business School, the School of
          Education, the School of Law, the School of Information and Library Science, the School of Social Work,
          and the School of Government — three members.
6. The Academic Affairs Libraries — one member.

(b) The chair of the faculty shall appoint six members of the Administrative Board of the Library, as follows:

1. one member from the Division of Health Affairs.
2. two members from the faculty at large.
3. one undergraduate student, on recommendation of the president of the student body.
4. two graduate students, on recommendation of the president of the Graduate and Professional Student Federation.

(c) The University librarian and the dean of the Graduate School shall be members ex officio.

13-2. Administrative Board of the Library; election and terms of members; meetings. Elected members of the
board shall be nominated and elected by the process employed for the Faculty Council. It is preferable that no more than
one elected member be from any single school or department. Student members of the board shall serve one-year terms.
All other appointed and elected members shall serve three-year terms. No elected or appointed member shall serve more
than two consecutive terms.

The board shall elect a chair from among its members annually. The board shall meet at least six times each year upon the
call of the chair or of the University librarian.

13-3. Administrative Board of the Library; duties. Subject to the power of the General Faculty and the Faculty Council, the Administrative Board shall:

1.  Advise the University librarian on the administration of the University library system;
2.  Formulate, together with the University librarian, the basic policies governing the acquisition of library materials and the use of such materials;
3.  Allocate, with the advice of the University librarian, the book funds which are not specifically designated;
4.  Submit to the chancellor, through the University librarian, its advice on the establishment or discontinuance of library service units outside of the general library building;
5.  Review the University librarians budget request; and
6.  Make an annual report to the Faculty Council.

Last revised: June 23, 2004