Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee

Name Constituency & Department Term Expires
Stephen Birdsall, Chair Geography 2006
Timothy Carter Music 2007
Joseph Ferrell Secretary of the Faculty ex officio
William Ferris History 2006
Susan T. Lord School of Medicine 2008
Eugene P. Orringer School of Medicine 2008
Susan R. Wolf Philosophy 2007


Charge and Composition:
Excerpt from the Faculty Code of University Government

 § 4-11. Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee

(a) The Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee consists of six members elected by the voting faculty. The secretary of the faculty is a member of the committee ex officio.

(b) The committee considers nominations from the faculty for

(1) Honorary Degrees, awarded at Commencement each May;
(2) Distinguished Alumnus and Alumna Awards, presented each University Day, 12 October;
(3) the Thomas Jefferson Award;
(4) the O. Max Gardner Award; and
(5) other awards referred to the committee by the chancellor or the chair of the faculty.

Nominees for Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Alumnus and Alumna Awards are recommended for approval to the Faculty Council and the Board of Trustees. The chancellor presents the nominee for the Gardner Award to the Board of Governors.