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Administrative Board of the Library
Members Constituency Term Expires
Finson, John W. Fine Arts 2007
Barbour, Reid Humanities 2007
Tiesinga, Paul H. Natural Sciences 2007
Talbert, Richard J. A. Social Sci. 2007
Yarborough, Margaretta J. Acad. Aff. Libraries 2007
Juffras, Diane M. Prof. Sch. Acad. Aff. 2007
Farel, Paul Health Affairs 2007
TBA Graduate Students 2007
TBA Graduate Students 2007
Emily O'Rourke Undergraduate Students 2007
Peet, Robert (Chair) At-large 2007
Carl Ernst At-large 2008
Dominguez, Frank Humanities 2008
Benninger, Larry K. Natural Sciences 2008
Kurzman, Charles Social Sci. 2008
Jones, Paul M. Prof. Sch. Acad. Aff. 2008
Matchinske, Megan Humanities 2009
Frampton, Paul Natural Sciences 2009
Whitmore, Thomas Social Sci. 2009
Weisburd, Mark Prof. Sch. Acad. Aff. 2009
Dykstra, Linda Dean, Graduate School Ex Officio
Michalak, Sarah C. University Librarian Ex Officio