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Recipients of the O. Max Gardner Award


1949 Lousie B. Alexander UNC-Greensboro Education
1950 Robert E. Coker UNC-Chapel Hill Science
1951 Donald B. Anderson North Carolina State Science
1952 Albert Coates UNC-Chapel Hill Government
1953 Howard W. Odum UNC-Chapel Hill Sociology
1954 Franklin H. McNutt UNC-Greensboro Education
1955 Zeno Payne Metcalf North Carolina State Geology & Entomology
1956 Mereb E. Mossman UNC-Greensboro Social Service
1957 Warner L. Wells UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine
1958 C. Horace Hamilton North Carolina State Sociology
1959 Gertrude M. Cox North Carolina State Statistics
1960 Richard N. Current UNC-Greensboro History
1961 Kenneth N. Brinkhous UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine
1962 Randall Jarrell UNC-Greensboro Literature
1963 John C. Brauer UNC-Chapel Hill Dentistry
1964 W. Reece Berryhill UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine
1965 Raymond L. Murray North Carolina State Science
1966 Lois Edinger UNC-Greensboro Education
1967 Walton Carlyle Gregory North Carolina State Agriculture
1968 John B. Graham UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine
1969 Henry Brandis, Jr. UNC-Chapel Hill Law
1970 Stanley George Stephens North Carolina State Agriculture
1971 Naomi G. Albanese UNC-Greensboro Home Economics
1972 Bruce John Zobel North Carolina State Forest Genetics
1973 Ovid Williams Pierce East Carolina Literature
Cratis Dearl Williams Appalachian State Literature
1974 Mary Elizabeth Keister UNC-Greensboro Early Childhood Education
1975 Helen Grey Edmonds North Carolina Central History
Francis Speight East Carolina Art
1976 Eloise Rallings Lewis UNC-Greensboro Nursing
LeRoy T. Walker North Carolina Central History
1977 C. Hugh Holman UNC-Chapel Hill Literature
1978 Carl William Gottschalk UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine
1979 Richard Bardolph UNC-Greensboro History
Solomon P. Hersh North Carolina State Textile Engineering
1980 C. Clark Cockerham North Carolina State Genetics
Judson J. Van Wyk UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine
1981 Ellis B. Cowling North Carolina State Plant Pathology & Forestry
Bernard G. Greenberg UNC-Chapel Hill Public Health
1982 Octavia B. Knight North Carolina Central Special Education
Joseph N. Sasser North Carolina State Plant Pathology
1983 Frank E. Guthrie North Carolina State Toxicology
Stanley R. Riggs East Carolina Geology
1984 James A. Bryan II UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine
Vivian T. Stannett North Carolina State Chemistry
1985 M. Necati Ozisik North Carolina State Engineering
Eric Shopler UNC-Chapel Hill Psychology
1986 Fred Chappell UNC-Greensboro Literature
Edgar Loessin East Carolina Theatre
1987 Major M. Goodman North Carolina State Agriculture
C. Arden Miller UNC-Chapel Hill Maternal & Child Health
1988 Floyd W. Denny, Jr. UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine
Elizabeth C. Theil North Carolina State Biochemistry
1989 William E. Laupus East Carolina Medicine
Louis D. Rubin, Jr. UNC-Chapel Hill Literature
1990 Fred R. DeJarnette North Carolina State Engineering
1991 Frederick W. Harrison Western Carolina Biology
1992 Sherwood Shaffer NC School of the Arts Music
1993 Donald W. Warren UNC-Chapel Hill Dentistry
1994 Gerald H. Shinn UNC-Wilmington Philosophy & Religion
1995 James Houlik NC School of the Arts Music
1996 Ernest Hodgson North Carolina State Toxicology
Vira Rodgers Kivett UNC-Greensboro Gerontology
1997 R. Wayne Skaggs North Carolina State Agricultural Engineering
1998 B. Jayant Baliga North Carolina State Electrical Engineering
1999 Jim E. Riviere North Carolina State Pharmacology
2000 Joseph M. DeSimone North Carolina State Chemical Engineering
UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry
2001 Walter J. Pories East Carolina Biochemistry
2002 Melissa Hayden NC School of the Arts Dance
Oliver Smithies UNC-Chapel Hill Pathology
2003 Bruce Spencer Weir North Carolina State Statistics & Genetics
2004 W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. East Carolina Cardiothoracic Surgery
Branislav Vlahovic North Carolina Central Physics
2005 Kenneth B. Adler North Carolina State Pulmonary Biology
2006 Ken R. Harewood North Carolina Central Biochemistry
2007 Trudy F. C. Mackay North Carolina State Genetics
2008 Myron S. Cohen UNC-Chapel Hill Medicine, Microbiology, and Public Health
2009 Todd R. Klaenhammer North Carolina State Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences
2010 Jagannathan Sankar North Carolina A&T State Mechanical and Chemical Engineering