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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
October 10, 2007

Meeting began at 11 am.

Committee members present: Foster, Stewart, Sancar, Gordon, Gilleskie, Montgomerie, Norberg, Radionchenko (substituting for Bevevino), Schoenfisch, Poehls, and Owen. Non-committee members present: Anne Whisnant , Steve Reznick.

I. Introduction

Members introduced themselves, and Bev Foster reviewed the duties of the EPC, as stated in the Faculty Handbook.

II. Election of EPC chair

Peter Gordon nominated Bev Foster to be chair and the motion was seconded by Gwen Sancar. Bev agreed to be considered with the following stipulations: 1. She will need some assistance with photocopying materials, etc., and 2. She would like one of the committee members to take notes during the meetings and type up the minutes. Anne Whisnant from the office of Faculty Governance promised Bev that they could help with the secretarial chores and Kevin Stewart volunteered to take minutes. A vote followed and Bev was elected unanimously.

III. New Business

Bev made the following suggestions aimed at reducing the problems that arise when trying to assemble the committee each year and scheduling meeting times. All of the following should occur during the spring semester before the forthcoming academic year, rather than during the beginning of the fall semester.

1. Student members and alternates should be appointed.
2. Faculty who will be on leave should inform the committee so that vacancies can be filled.
3. Chair of the EPC should be selected.
4. Meeting times set.

Peter Gordon also suggested that the EPC should implement a policy whereby non-participating members of the EPC can be removed and replaced with alternate members. Non-participation could be defined as two unexcused absences, similar to the policy in place for Faculty Council.

IV. Old business

Steve Reznick, Chair of the task force on priority registration fielded questions about the proposed guidelines for priority registration. After considerable discussion, it was agreed that he would return next week (October 17, 2007) with more specific information on the practice schedules of athletes in the different sports. The EPC also asked Alice Poehls if she could provide information on the numbers and types of students who have been given priority registration in the recent past, the reasons behind their requests, as well as information on which courses are currently in high demand by the groups who will be given priority registration.

Alice Poehls also reminded the Committee that last Spring (2007) we voted unanimously in support of her request that a formal priority registration policy be adopted and that in the absence of such a formal policy, no priority for registration will be given to any student.

Meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm.

Minutes submitted by Kevin Stewart