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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
November 7, 2007

Meeting began at 11 am.

Committee members present: Foster, Stewart, Gordon, Gilleskie, Montgomerie, Norberg, Schoenfisch, Perrin.

Non-committee members present: Alice Poehls, Bobbi Owen, Anne Whisnant , Steve Reznick.

Steve Reznick, Chair of the Task Force on Priority Registration, returned with a revised proposal for priority registration. Revised document is attached.

Bobbi Owen suggested changing the third bullet point from “a reasonable accommodation” to”an approved accommodation”.

Steve Reznick agreed to the suggested changes.

Peter Gordon moved that we approve the document as amended. Andy Perrin seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Peter Gordon requested that the presentation of the revised proposal to the Faculty Council include a statement that the EPC requested the policy have a sunset clause.

Next topic was to consider a revised recommendation for distance education from Holden Thorp.

Alice Poehls brought up the issue of academic ineligibility and on-line courses. Students who are academically ineligible are allowed to take on-line courses, yet on the student’s transcript these courses will be indistinguishable from other courses, giving the appearance that an academically ineligible student was allowed to continue as a regular student.

Peter Gordon suggested that the language regarding proctored exams was too weak and that the examination policy for distance learning should follow college guidelines.

During the discussion, there was a feeling that the final examination for an online course should have the same requirements as on-campus undergraduate final exams (Professor present, exam mandatory, etc.).

Alice Poehls raised a concern that Thorp’s document was not a “policy” statement that could be easily followed. EPC members agreed that Thorp’s document is for discussion but not a final resolution.

Lisa Norberg mentioned that part-time faculty who may be teaching these courses and students who are taking online courses only (e.g. ineligible) fall out of the library patron system. Bobbi said that these students do not pay fees so that is why they are not automatically given library access.

Maximum number of online course that can count towards degree is proposed to be six. EPC agreed with this.

Dec. 5 meeting will focus on distance learning. Bev Foster asked for people to come to the Dec. meeting with spring agenda items.

Meeting adjourned at 12:25 pm

Kevin Stewart