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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
January 16, 2008

Meeting began at 8:30 am.

Committee members present: Foster, Stewart, Gordon, MacDonald, Montgomerie, Gilleskie, Perrin, Schoenfisch, Sancar, Poehls

Non-committee members present: Whisnant, Owen

1. Approval of minutes of EPC meeting of 12/5/07.

Stuart MacDonald suggested we include all attachments with the minutes.
Minutes approved.

2. PRAC membership and implementation guidelines (A. Poehls)

Registrar Alice Poehls distributed a policy document on priority registration describing the PRAC membership and an implementation plan.

The following are suggested changes from the EPC:

Page 1, first bullet add “(first-year, sophomore, junior, senior)” after “class”

Under “Committee Membership” (page 3) change “students” to “undergraduate students”

Under “Committee Charge and Schedule” (page 3), end of first paragraph change “students’ activities” to Students’ activities or circumstances”

Page 4, last sentence should read “You should attach documents such as activity schedules to support the request.”

Page 4, add at the end of the italicized text:
“This is your only opportunity to provide a written demonstration of unusual need. The decision of the Committee is final.”

Motion by Gordon to approve the implementation plan presented by Alice Poehls with the suggested changes. Seconded by Perrin. Approved unanimously.

3. Revised on-line course policy presented by Bobbi Owen.

The EPC recommended the following changes:

Page 2, Number 3. Replace first sentence with the following: “Courses offered in this modality must follow established University policy concerning final exams. For on-line courses the final exam must be proctored by the instructor of the course or an appropriate authority.”
Page 2, Number 4. Change first sentence to “No more than six online courses or 18 credits (all of which must be designated UNC-Chapel Hill) can be counted towards a UNC degree.”
Page 2, Item 6. Change “two courses” to “two on-line courses”
Page 2, Second bullet. Change “all activity” to “all on-line courses”

Alice Poehls initiated a discussion about transfer students, and how to deal with transfer credits for on-line courses. The Committee agreed that this is an important issue but that it should be dealt with separately from the currently proposed policy and warrants further exploration.

Motion by Perrin seconded by Gordon to approve the policy with suggested changes with cover letter attached (page 1 of document provide by Owen).

Approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 10:02 am.

Minutes submitted by Kevin Stewart