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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
February 20, 2008, 8:30 a.m.

Committee members present: Foster, Stewart, Gordon, MacDonald, Montgomerie, Gilleskie, Norberg, Sancar, Radionchenko, Poehls, Bevevino

Non-committee members present:  Owen, Pat Pukilla, Danielle Allen, Diana Gergel

1. Bobbi Owen presented a document from Holden Thorp regarding distance learning courses that will now be presented to the Administrative Board of the College of Arts and Sciences. Document attached

2. Approval of minutes of EPC meeting of 1-16-2008.

Minutes from 1-16-2008 approved, with one abstention, following suggested modifications.

3. Alice Poehls presented proposals for Remarks on Transcripts.

Remark from Biomedical Engineering:

Because this is a jointly conferred degree, the Memo of Understanding (MOU) between NCSU and UNC should have an addendum to the MOU which should include agreed-upon wording that the institutions publish in the same way on their transcripts.  Because this is a graduate degree the MOU and the request for transcript remarks will be forwarded to the Graduate School.

Passed unanimously.

Remark from Robertson Scholar programs:

Committee asked that this request be tabled until March meeting so that Alice Poehls can provide more information about all of the Robertson Scholars certificates.  If this delay causes students who are graduating this May any problems, EPC will deal with just those certificate issues.

4. Pat Pukkila presented a proposal for addition of the Carolina Research Scholar remark on transcripts.

Office of Undergraduate Research will provide oversight of this program (CRSP) and OUR will then forward names of the students who have satisfied the requirements to the Registrar.

Gordon moved, Sancar seconded, approved unanimously.

5. Peter Gordon updated his work on the Achievement Index.

Peter presented a draft proposal, dated September 20, 2007.  Alice Poehls requested that this proposal be clearly presented as a research project and not policy.  

After more discussion, Peter hoped that the EPC consider a revised draft proposal for this research project on the AI during the March EPC meeting and ultimately have a vote by the EPC on a proposal.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 am.

Minutes submitted by Kevin Stewart

Attachments:  AdBoardDistanceEd2-12-2007.pdf