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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
March 19, 2008

Meeting began at 8:35 a.m.

Committee members present: Foster, Stewart, Gordon, Norberg, Perrin (quorum not present)

1. Approval of minutes of EPC meeting of 2-20-2008.

Minutes from 2-20-2008 approved

2. Old Business

Transcript remarks from past meeting will be considered at next meeting (April) when Alice Poehls is present.

3. New Business

a. Transcript remarks from Jim Leloudis of the Honors Program.  Document attached.

We will defer making a decision until Alice Poehls can look at the proposal.

b.  Jean DeSaix from Biology proposed that blue books and Scantrons not be provided to students prior to exams in order to minimize cheating.  The EPC members present agreed that this is an important issue but an administrative issue.  Individual instructors should have the ability to provide departmentally purchased blue books and Scantrons.

c.  Bev Foster brought up the issue, based on recent events, of whether the EPC should weigh in on how instructors deal with controversial topics in the classroom.  EPC agreed to discuss this with Judith Wegner, who is leading an effort on campus that deals with difficult topics.

4. Peter Gordon updated his work on the Achievement Index. Outline provided by Peter is attached.  Because Peter is rotating off of EPC, he proposed that a subcommittee of EPC be established next year to continue working with the AI project.  Peter will provide a proposal for the continuation of an AI evaluation pilot project at the next meeting.

5.  Bev Foster proposed that we have an additional EPC meeting on Wednesday April, 30 at 8:30 am because it is likely

6.  Andy Perrin suggested that we vote on some EPC issues by email prior to the next meeting.
7.  EPC will ask for at least a preliminary report from Alice Poehls on the PRAC committee’s work.  Two questions the EPC will ask Alice during the April 16 meeting are 1) when is the deadline for fall PRAC applications and 2) how will that deadline be communicated to the rest of the campus.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 am.

Minutes submitted by Kevin Stewart