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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
April 16, 2008

Members present:  Foster, Stewart, Montgomerie, Sancar, Gordon, Schoenfisch, Norberg, Macdonald, Perrin

Minutes from Feb. 20, 2008

Minutes from March 19, 2008

Quorum not present (insert parenthetically after members present)


The EPC formulated the following resolution regarding the Achievement Index:

The EPC recommends to the Provost that an evaluation of the Achievement Index be performed by supplying faculty and students with a measure of Achievement Index for two years.  During the evaluation period, AI data and calculations will be provided for informational purposes only and will not be reported on student transcripts or used to award official honors or distinctions. These data and stakeholder feedback will be used to assess the value research will continue on the validity of the AI as a measure of student academic accomplishment as the new data are generated.  EPC recognizes the the Provost’s decision will be contingent upon the financial cost of the evaluation.  EPC recommends that Peter Gordon be appointed chair of an AI Evaluation Committee, which will oversee implementation of the trial.  Membership of the committee will be drawn from the EPC subcommittee on grading and others with relevant technical expertise. This will be done provided the Provost believes it’s not too costly.  EPC should form a subcommittee to interact with the AI working group. At the end of the evaluation period, the Evaluation Committee will report to the Provost and the EPC.

Resolution passed unanimously.

The concern raised by Professor Jean DeSaix to EPC regarding the use of Blue Books and Scantron answer sheets brought into exams by students was discussed.  While a security risk is present and faculty are responsible for taking measures to provide an environment where opportunities for cheating are minimized, the EPC considers this an administrative issue rather than an educational policy matter and referred it to Senior Associate Dean Bobbi Owen for consideration and possible action. 

The meeting schedule for AY 08/09 was determined. Meetings will be held the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month from 8:30-10:00 AM, scheduled to avoid major holidays. The EPC will meet September through April.  Meetings will be held in Davis Library 219. Bev Foster will create the schedule and notify Faculty Council for posting.

Andrew Perrin was elected as the Chair for the AY 08/09 by a unanimous vote.

Two proposals for remarks on student transcripts were considered.  The proposal from James LeLoudis for a notation of “Honors Program Student in Good Standing” was approved as submitted (see attachment).  The second proposal regarding the Robertson Scholars Program was approved with the following amendment: under “proposed remarks” the phrase in parentheses “or whatever they add” was deleted and “see attached” was inserted. The attachment, provided by the Robertson program, includes a listing of possible certificate notations.  Both the proposal and modifications are attached to these minutes.

A report from Alice Poehls, University Registrar, regarding the Priority Registration Advisory Committee was reviewed (to be provided by Alice and attached) following the first registration cycle of implementation.  EPC will review the process at its November 2008 meeting after a second cycle of registration. 


Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Kevin Stewart