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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
September 10, 2008

Members present: Gilleskie, Norberg, Macdonald, Bevevino, Biddle, Sancar, Stewart, Poehls, Perrin

Non-members present: Boone Turchi

1. Welcoming remarks from Andy Perrin, Chair.

Introduction of members followed by opening remarks from Andy Perrin. Andy said that the EPC will need to present an annual report to faculty council in January 2009.

2. New business

a. Proposal from the Registrar to change the abbreviation the existing AB degree to a BA (see attachment).

Andy Perrin proposed an amendment:  If possible registrar will preserve existing AB degrees, but if not, the registrar will be allowed to convert existing AB degrees to BA.  Motion to approve proposal with amendment was passed by acclamation.

b. Student Government proposal (J. J. Raynor and Boone Turchi)

Students can currently see cumulative grade histories using but charges a fee.  Cumulative course grades are public information and the Registrar currently provides these data to at no charge.  Since these data are publicly available, there is a proposal from student government is to make these same data available through the University at no charge.

One concern that was raised is that cumulative data from small classes may allow someone to deduce which students got poor grades.  Registrar Alice Poehls told us that the data provided to currently has a threshold number of students (~5-8 students). They do not release cumulative grades for classes with enrollments below this threshold.

Alice Poehls mentioned that gathering these data is costly to the registrar’s office.  A suggestion was made that student government be willing to use the same data that are currently provided to and therefore minimize the amount of additional work for the registrar that may be created by this request.

A motion was made that the EPC endorse the proposal from student government with the understanding that the EPC does not endorse using course grade histories as the basis for choosing courses.  Rather the EPC endorsement is motivated by the idea that these data will be useful in furthering the discussion of University-wide grading practices.  Additionally, the EPC asks that the data provided to student government be the same data currently being provided to  The motion passed; 7 votes in favor, and one abstention.

3. Updates and continuing discussion on grading issues, including:
    - EPC's recommendation last year that the Provost fund a
      study of the Achievement Index (AI) as a supplement to GPA;

No word yet from the Provost on the most recent AI proposal. Alice Poehls mentioned that Peter Gordon is currently gathering data.  Alice Poehls mentioned we should remind the provost that we are waiting to hear about this effort.

4.  PRAC update.

Alice Poehls presented a draft summary of registration information from the PRAC. Documents attached:

Alice Poehls agreed to  present similar summary data for PRAC registration for semesters Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009 at the April 2009 EPC meeting

A request was made that the 8 week registration list for the 142 courses that exceeded 15% PRAC enrollment be provided. Alice Poehls will provide this list at the December 10, 2008 EPC meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:53 am.

Minutes prepared by Kevin Stewart.