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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
October 15, 2008

Members present: Gilleskie, Norberg, Macdonald, Bevevino, Biddle, Stewart, Poehls, Perrin, Owen, Foster
Non-members present: Stephanie Schmitt

1. The resolution honoring the birth of Bev Foster’s grandchild was presented by Chair Andy Perrin.  It was noted that this is not Prof. Foster’s first grandchild, but her fourth.  A friendly amendment making that correction was proposed and the motion to adopt the resolution was passed unanimously.

2. Discussion of the Graduate School proposal for a Progress Toward
Degree policy (attached);

Stephanie Schmitt from the grad school presented a draft of the continuous enrollment policy for graduate students.

See attachment.

Bev Foster asked for a clarification in section I regarding services for part-time students (those taking fewer than 9 credit hours.)

Alice Poehls recommended that a document be created that is distilled to a concise policy statement, without all of the rationale contained in the current document.

Stephanie will return next month to EPC and will present a policy document for possible approval. This will follow the Graduate School’s retreat with program Directors of Graduate Studies.

3. Discussion of withdrawal when a student is not passing.

Bev Foster discussed issues that have arisen in the Nursing School with students enrolled in Summer School who were failing and could not withdraw.

Alice Poehls described some  policy issues, which need to be addressed separately 1. Can a student withdraw from a course if failing? 2. When a student is failing and chooses to withdraw, what grade or academic penalty do we give them? 3.  Why does summer school prohibit withdrawals? 4. A policy is required for those rare courses that have safety issues (e.g. in Nursing, Pharmacy, Education) and must have the ability to fail a student early in the term with the condition that the student be precluded from dropping the course. 5.  Refund/Withdrawal policy must be clearly published and consistently followed for various sessions within terms. Prorated refunds must be given for all semesters based on federal regulations and summer school should not be operating under different rules.  6.  Could another letter or symbol be used for a dropped course (currently “W”) so that it is not confused with the concept of “Withdrawal from the Term.”

Andy Perrin will come back for the Nov. 12 meeting with a synthesis of the issues for discussion.

4. EPC will provide a report to Faculty Council on January 16th focused on grading practices.

Grading subcommittee – David Bevevino, Kevin Stewart, Andy Perrin, and Donna Gilleskie will put together a report for the January 16th report.

Kevin Stewart will organize the subcommittee.

Bobbi Owen suggested that we think about the criteria that are currently used to award Distinction. Bev Foster also mentioned that we check on how various honor societies (e.g. Phi Beta Kappa) have changed their criteria.

Alice Poehls mentioned that Peter Gordon is being provided with data that will allow him to continue his research regarding AI.  The programming was completed prior to the receipt of the Provost’s letter that eliminated support for the AI project.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 am.

Minutes prepared by Kevin Stewart.