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Educational Policy Committee Meeting
November 12, 2008

Members present: Gilleskie, Norberg, Macdonald, Bevevino, Biddle, Stewart, Perrin, Foster, Sancar, Spencer

Non-members present: Stephanie Schmitt

1. Minutes from 10-15-08 approved.

2. Discussion of Continuous Enrollment Policy, updated draft from Stephanie Schmitt.

Gwen Sancar suggested that the leave policy in this document explicitly state that students with military obligations for countries other than the USA are given the same exemption.

A suggestion was made that a statement be included in the policy that reminds students of the degree time limits and that this policy does not alter those limits.

Bev Foster suggested that the word “require” on page 1, paragraph 2 in the minimum enrollment section be changed to “permit”.

Bev Foster moved that the EPC endorse the policy, as amended, and it was approved unanimously.

3.  Robertson Scholars Certificates

See related attachment.

Requests submitted by Katrin Baker were approved unanimously.

4.  We will explore a new meeting time for the Spring semester.

5. Discussion of withdrawal policy.

Andrea Biddle suggested that WP and WF grades be assigned to each course, where appropriate, in a semester that a student withdraws, as opposed to assigning WF for the whole semester, even if the student is failing only one class.

There was a general feeling that a grade of WF should not affect a student’s GPA.

Also, W should be replaced by WP.

6.  Subcommittee on grading.

What should the report contain?

Do we want to recommend policy changes to remedy this situation?

Subcommittee will present data for discussion during December 10 EPC meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.

Minutes prepared by Kevin Stewart.