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Faculty Governance in the News

Media clippings about Faculty Governance activities.


Laid-off employees to get aid (Daily Tar Heel, 23 February 2009)

Executive committee looks at per-credit-hour tuition (Daily Tar Heel, 25 November 2008)

Thorp reassures council that cuts will not affect quality of education (University Gazette, 19 November 2008)

Faculty Council to discuss budget cut, student issues (Daily Tar Heel, 6 November 2008)

Council briefed on possible budget cuts (University Gazette, 15 October 2008)

Many unaffected by account change (Daily Tar Heel, 14 November 2008)

Faculty Council concerned with fewer investment picks (Daily Tar Heel, 13 October 2008)

Faculty to hear of fewer options (Daily Tar Heel, 10 October 2008)

Faculty to cast ballots for governing council (Daily Tar Heel, 4/14/08)

Faculty elections to be held April 14–21 (University Gazette, 4/9/08)

Carolina works toward full textbook buyback in large classes (University Gazette, 2/27/08)

Faculty contribute to Carolina First campaign success (University Gazette, 1/30/08)

Priority registration is not a perk for student athletes (Letter to the Editor, Daily Tar Heel, 1/29/08)

Faculty contribute to Carolina First campaign success (University Gazette, 1/28/08)

Priority registration levels academic playing field (Letter to the Editor, Daily Tar Heel, 1/9/08)

Faculty Council OKs priority registration (Daily Tar Heel, 1/9/08)

Council endorses priority registration proposal (University Gazette, 12/12/07)

Special treatment: Priority registration needs an open-application process (Editorial, Daily Tar Heel, 11/13/07)

Faculty hear priority registration proposal (Daily Tar Heel, 11/12/07)

Faculty to discuss rules for priority registration (Daily Tar Heel, 11/9/07)

UNC student athletes held to high academic standards (Daily Tar Heel, 10/8/07)

Council requests time on changes
(Daily Tar Heel, 9/17/07)

UNC faculty rejects grade analysis (Raleigh News & Observer, 4/28/07)

Faculty rejects grade plan (Charlotte Observer, 4/28/07)

Awash in A's, UNC considers new yardstick (Raleigh News & Observer, 4/27/07)

Student leaders attempt to derail new grade index (Daily Tar Heel, 4/25/07)

AI could allow Moreheads to major in other subjects (Daily Tar Heel, 4/23/07)

Elections near for open positions on faculty council (Daily Tar Heel, 4/19/07)

Administration won't hear student concerns about AI (Daily Tar Heel, 4/18/07)

Achievement index won't change value of a degree (Daily Tar Heel, 4/16/07)

New AI is the RPI of college academics (Daily Tar Heel, 4/16/07)

Faculty sift through AI issues (Daily Tar Heel, 4/16/07)

Achievement Index would be more fair to students (Daily Tar Heel, 4/13/07)

New grading system could change UNC for the worse (Daily Tar Heel, 4/12/07)

Student leaders oppose proposed grade system (Daily Tar Heel, 4/12/07)

Grading index will reward students (Daily Tar Heel, 4/11/07)

Special treatment (Daily Tar Heel, 4/5/07)

Group wants more on tenure (Daily Tar Heel, 4/4/07)

Athletes could get to register early (Daily Tar Heel, 4/3/07)

New Tar Heel faculty face background checks (Daily Tar Heel, 3/28/07)

AI is not intelligent (Daily Tar Heel, 3/27/07)

Faculty mull grading change (Daily Tar Heel, 3/23/07)

The CliffsNotes on books (Daily Tar Heel, 3/23/07)

Female faculty ask for better (Daily Tar Heel, 3/19/07)

Franklin fires are a danger to students (Daily Tar Heel, 3/21/07)

It's just the hot thing to do (Daily Tar Heel, 2/22/07)

Faculty seek to curb bonfires (Daily Tar Heel, 2/20/07)

Bonfires fuel Faculty Council discussion (Daily Tar Heel, 2/19/07)

Initiative offers incentive for tenured faculty (Daily Tar Heel, 2/7/07)

Faculty Council hears from chancellor on budget priorities (Daily Tar Heel, 1/22/07)

Female faculty want to be treated equally
(Daily Tar Heel online, 11/20/06)

Chancellor puts football coach search in context
(University Gazette, 11/15/06)

Faculty Council examines women's study, potential tuition hikes, football coach
(Daily Tar Heel, 11/13/06)

Officials balance multiple campus roles
(Daily Tar Heel, 11/7/06)

ERP, PACE initiatives crucial to future planning,
academic leaders say

(University Gazette, 10/25/06)

Author, alumna [and Faculty Governance employee] uncovers Parkway's secret past
(University Gazette, 10/25/06)

New chair asks what issues council should explore (University Gazette, 9/27/06)

Address by Bowles, alumni honors highlight University Day 2006 (UNC News Services, 9/20/06)

Faculty council sets priorities for year during first meeting (Daily Tar Heel, 9/18/06)

Four on faculty awarded Hettleman Prizes for their artistic, scholarly achievement (UNC News Services, 9/15/06)

Faculty ready to start work: Templeton eager for first meeting (Daily Tar Heel, 9/15/06)

Templeton Begins Tenure as Chair of Faculty Council (University Gazette, August 30, 2006)

Office of Faculty Governance Hires Whisnant (University Gazette, August 16, 2006)

The View from Chapel Hill: Addressing the underlying conflicts between faith and reason in the wake of violence (Academe, July-August 2006)
Article by former Faculty Chair Judith Wegner

Wegner Lauded for Service as Faculty Chair (University Gazette, April 26, 2006)

Templeton to Lead Faculty (Daily Tar Heel, April 21, 2006)

Faculty Meeting Prompted by Pope Proposal Cancelled (University Gazette, May 10, 2006)

Wegner Leaves Mark (Daily Tar Heel, April 20, 2006)
Faculty chairman position to be announced today.

Faculty Council hopefuls emerge (Daily Tar Heel, April 13, 2006)
Two to fight for top faculty post.

A Few Parting Shots from a Faculty Veteran (Daily Tar Heel, April 12, 2006)
Guest column by Faculty Chair Judith Wegner.

Weigh All Sides Before Acting (Daily Tar Heel, March 22, 2006)
Guest column by Faculty Chair Judith Wegner.

Office of Faculty Governance Seeks Candidates for New Position (University Gazette, February 22, 2006)
Director of Research, Communications, and Programs sought

Seeking: Engaged Campus (Daily Tar Heel, February 16, 2006)
Guest column by Faculty Chair Judith Wegner

Summer Reading Program Committee Selects Book (University Gazette, February 8, 2006)
'The Namesake' is the first novel chosen. Incoming Faculty Chair Joe Templeton chaired the book selection committee.

Book Closed on Freshmen Reading Pick (Daily Tar Heel, January 30, 2006)
Incoming Faculty Chair Joe Templeton chaired the committee that selected 'The Namesake.'

Give Credit Where It's Due (Daily Tar Heel, January 18, 2006)
Guest Column by Faculty Chair Judith Wegner.

UNC Grads Should Teach (Daily Tar Heel, November 10, 2005)
Guest Column by Faculty Chair Judith Wegner.

It's Time for Some Tough Decisions (Daily Tar Heel, October 12, 2005)
Guest Column by Faculty Chair Judith Wegner.