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The Anne Queen Faculty Commons at the Campus Y

Renovated and opened in 2007
Facility Use Policies and Procedures

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The Faculty Commons reservation form is here.

About Anne Queen

Anne Queen was born in 1911 and raised in Canton, N.C. After ten years of factory work after high school, she earned a bachelor's degree at Berea College in Kentucky and a divinity degree from Yale University Divinity School in 1948. After working three years as Assistant University Chaplain at the University of Georgia and five years as college secretary for the American Friends Service Committee in Greensboro, N.C., she became associate director of the YWCA at the University of North Carolina in 1956. She then became director of the newly merged YMCA-YWCA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1964, a position she retained until her retirement in 1975. Queen died in Canton in 2005.

UNC news release upon Anne Queen's death

Inventory of the Anne Queen Papers in UNC's Southern Historical Collection

Index of interviews with Anne Queen in the Southern Oral History Program's collection

About the Anne Queen Faculty Commons

Purpose: During the renovation of the Campus Y building, the Board of Trustees and the Office of the Provost determined that the Anne Queen Faculty Commons room should be a calm, welcoming place that affords faculty the opportunity to meet with colleagues and engage in discussion of matters of current concern on campus. The planners sought to provide space on the central campus for informal gatherings, meetings, and programs that encourage faculty exchange.

Furnishings/Capacity: To those ends, the Anne Queen Faculty Commons has been furnished with comfortable club chairs and rocking chairs in small conversation groupings, as well as several tables seating three to six people. Arranged this way, seating for thirty people is available. The room is well suited to small groups meeting for coffee or lunch, as well as to individuals seeking a quiet space to read or work. It can also be arranged to accommodate somewhat larger receptions or programs involving up to about 75 people. Additional seating is available by request. There is no audiovisual equipment in the room.

Use of the Anne Queen Faculty Commons

Management: Responsibility for the AQFC has been assigned to the Office of Faculty Governance (OFG). The OFG will manage use during daytime, weekday hours. OFG has delegated to the Campus Y (CY) management of use of the space during evening and weekend hours.

Weekday Coffee Hours: The 0ffice of Faculty Governance provides coffee and tea for faculty and their guests from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. weekdays. To the degree possible, the room will be kept free from reserved use until 1:30 p.m. each day so as to assure its availability for informal get-togethers and impromptu use by faculty members.

Evening and Weekend Use: The AQFC is available for prearranged use by University-affiliated organizations after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends.

Reserved/Scheduled Use (Afternoons, Evenings, or Weekends): The AQFC is available for reserved and scheduled use according to joint OFG and CY guidelines (explained below) regarding appropriate use of the room, reservations process, room furnishings, food service, and special equipment. All organized use of the facility must be approved by either the OFG or the CY, depending on the hours of use, and conducted in accordance with the policies stated below.

  • Daytime/Weekday Reservations (Events beginning between 1:30 and 5:00 p.m.): Contact the Office of Faculty Governance at 919-962-2146. Reservation requests must be received at least three days in advance of the event. During daytime/weekday hours, the ACFQ is available to be reserved for:
    • Faculty-oriented meetings or programs organized by faculty members, administrators, faculty organizations, or academic or administrative units of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
    • As noted above, reserved use is discouraged before 1:30 pm each day in order to keep the space open for informal gatherings and conversation.
  • Evening/Weekend Reservations (Events beginning after 5:00 p.m.): Contact the Campus Y at 919-962-2333. Reservation requests must be received at least one week in advance. During evenings and weekends, the ACFQ is available to be reserved for:
    • Meetings, performances, programs, or gatherings for any University-affiliated group (including student groups) approved by the staff of the Campus Y.

Checking Availability: Before attempting to reserve the room, please contact either the OFG or the CY (as directed above) to check room availability.

Reservation Form: After you have checked on room availability, reservations may be made by filling out the reservation form and submitting it as follows:

  • For events on weekdays beginning before 5:00 p.m.: Send to the Office of Faculty Governance (email or fax to 919-962-5479)
  • For events on weekends or weekdays beginning after 5:00 p.m.: Send to the Campus Y (fax to 919-962-6353).

Please note that all student organizations (who may use the room after 5:00 p.m. and during weekend hours) must obtain signature approval from their faculty advisor before returning the reservation form. The form will not be approved without the faculty advisor’s signature.

Cancellations: Cancellations should be made as soon as it is known that the room is not needed.

Conditions and Limitations for Use:

Responsible Person: A responsible representative of the organization or event sponsor must be present at the AQFC throughout the event and must supervise after-event cleanup.

Furniture Setup: OFG and CY have established a standard furniture setup for AQFC, which is included with the reservation form. Users may change the arrangement of the furniture, but must not move the rugs. Additionally, furniture is not to be removed from the room. Users must return all furniture to the standard setup immediately after their event concludes.

Food/Drink/Alcohol: Faculty members and colleagues with whom they are meeting are welcome to bring individual food and drinks into the room during weekday hours and are responsible for cleaning up after use. For more organized events, catering including finger foods and beverages is allowed. Sit-down dinners are not permitted.

The campuswide Guidelines for Serving Alcohol at University-Sponsored Events will govern the use of alcohol in the AQFC. Under these guidelines, no alcohol is permitted in the space before 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. With advance permission of the appropriate vice chancellor, alcohol may be served at other times at invitation-only, private functions at which guests under age 21 are not expected. Please see the university alcohol policy at for further information.

Vendors/Catering/Special Equipment: Users must indicate on the reservation form the special features of any event such as food and beverage service, lighting equipment, sound amplification equipment, projection equipment, or scenery. Please note that there is no sound amplification or projection equipment built into the room and no technical assistance available. There is also no kitchen space available for the use of caterers. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor to arrange for any outside equipment, furniture, or materials needed.

At the discretion of the OFG or the CY, an advance walk-through may be required if special features are proposed. Users are expected to take care that the room and its furnishings are not damaged as a result of such special features. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor to arrange for outside equipment, furniture, materials, etc., to be removed before 8:00 a.m. the next business day.

Floors: Any event that involves dancing in street shoes requires special protection for the affected floor area such as a canvas ground cloth.

Fliers/Posters: No item, artwork, poster, flier, or document is to be attached to interior walls, doors, fixtures, windows, trash cans, building exteriors, stairway railings, elevator walls, floors, grounds, or ceilings.

Cleanup: Users are responsible for cleaning up after their events. Please remove all trash, boxes, and all other items brought into the room, wipe down the tables, and return all furniture to its original configuration (a diagram is included with the reservation form). Trash should be carried out to the dumpsters in the parking lot behind the Y. If the condition of the room is unsatisfactory after your use, you may forfeit subsequent use privileges or have your department billed for the cost of cleaning and/or restoration.

Other Information:

Parking: There is no parking available at the Campus Y. Please contact the Special Events Parking office with UNC DPS at 919-962-4424 or to make the necessary parking arrangements for your guests.

Technical Services/Audiovisual Equipment: The ACFQ is not equipped with podiums, projectors, screens, or sound equipment. No technical assistance is available.

Publicity of Events: When publicizing your event, please indicate that it will take place in the Anne Queen Faculty Commons at the Campus Y.