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Educational Policy Committee

Annual Report

March 2, 1999

Committee Members: Thomas Warburton-2000, chair; Paul Fullagar-1999, Judith Meece-1999, Jack Sasson-1999, Reid Barbour-2000, Boone Turchi-2000, Douglas Crawford-Brown-2001, Jean S. DeSaix-2001, and Catherine Lutz-2001; David Lanier (ex officio).

The Educational Policy Committee meets monthly during the academic year. Its next scheduled meeting is March 16, 1999.

Charge to the Committee: "The committee is concerned with those matters of educational policy and its implementation which have significant impact upon graduate and undergraduate instruction within the Division of Academic Affairs, and as to which the Faculty Council possesses legislative powers by delegation from the General Faculty under Article II of the Faculty Code. The committee's function is advisory to the Faculty Council in respect of such matters."

Report of activities:

1. At the request of Dean James Murphy of the Summer School, the committee considered the option of offering the Pass/D/Fail option in Summer School. The committee determined that it would be impossible to offer the option in Summer School and still maintain the principles that govern that option during the regular academic year.

2. In cooperation with Dean Darryl Gless, we have discussed the Oral Communications requirement in the College of Arts and Sciences at some length. The discussion included consultation with those who are charged with implementation of the requirement. There is no recommendation to the Faculty Council possible at this time.

3. Throughout the year, the committee has been examining the educational parameters related to the presence of personal computers on the campus. This study has been self-generating, and representatives of the committee have been invited to the next meeting of the Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee, March 17.

4. It is our plan to address the matter of grade inflation during our final meetings of the year.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Warburton, Chair