February 11, 2000

Faculty Welfare Committee

Annual Report

Current Members: Steven Bachenheimer (2001), chair; Judy White (2000); Stephen Leonard (2001), Robert Joyce (2001), Michael Symons (2001); John P. Galassi (2002), Diane Kjervik, (2002).

Members leaving the committee during 1999: James Allen, Lloyd Kramer, Ruth C. Walden.

Annual report prepared by: Steven Bachenheimer, Chair. This report covers the period January, 1999 through January, 2000. (The committee is scheduled to meet January 27, after this report is due and before the February 11, 2000 Faculty Council meeting at which the committee’s report will be presented. Any action taken by the committee at that meeting will be reported orally or in a supplement to this report.

Committee Charge: "The Committee works for and reports on the improvement of faculty working conditions, including salary and benefits." Faculty Code of University Government, §4-15.

Previous Faculty Council questions or charges:

1. To monitor compliance with the resolution "Supporting extension of employment benefits to domestic partnerships", adopted November 10, 1995;

2. To monitor compliance with the resolution "Mechanisms to implement salary principles", adopted February 23, 1996

Report of activities:

1. The committee has monitored all employment benefits and found their governing policies to be in compliance with the resolution of the Faculty Council supporting extension of employment benefits to domestic partnerships.

2. The committee presented to Faculty Council on March 25, 1999, a "Report on the Status of Faculty Salary Policies". The report reviewed policies for language related to faculty consultation, procedures for redress, and remedies for inequity due to gender and salary compression. In addition, unit heads were asked to assess the usefulness of the policies, and their responses were summarized.

3. As a follow-up to previous concerns by members of the faculty that local high school students were at a disadvantage for admission, we requested from Jerry Lucido, Director of Undergraduate admissions, information on the Fall, 1999 admit rates for students from local high schools. For the current freshman class, UNC-CH admitted 100% of the top decile students of Chapel Hill, East C.H. and Jordan high schools, 85% of the second decile, 68% of the third decile and 20% of the fourth decile. By comparison UNC-CH only admitted 39% of the second decile from the rest of the state high schools.

4. Discussions by the committee over the last year about the impact of distance learning on such matters as faculty status, instructional conditions and intellectual property, resulted in the committee presenting to Faculty Council at its March 25th meeting, resolution 99-2, asking the chair to "Establish a task force whose charge is to (1) evaluate the implications of distance learning on aspects of faculty welfare, and (2) report its findings and any recommendations with regard to this subject to the Faculty Council". The resolution was adopted. A member of the Faculty Welfare Committee currently sits on FITAC and reports to the full committee on discussions and developments in the areas of faculty welfare.

5. In cooperation with OIR, the Welfare Committee is currently undertaking an analysis of individual faculty salaries in departments, as a function of years at the university or gender. The results and implications of the committee’s findings should be ready for presentation to Faculty Council later this Spring.

Steven Bachenheimer, Chair

Douglas Elvers

John P. Galassi

Robert Joyce

Diane K. Kjervik

Stephen Leonard

Michael Symons

Judy White