February 2003

Following approval of the campus copyright policy, the Copyright Committee began to focus on other issues. The policy is on the University’s website at Again this year, there were no disputes concerning copyright ownership referred to the Committee that have arisen under the policy.

The Committee identified two major activities that the Committee must undertake: (1) educate the campus community about copyright and (2) further development of the campus policy on use of copyrighted work, reviving and expanding work done a few years ago. The Committee believed that the first activity was the more important for the present, and members began to identify how such an educational program might best be accomplished. Short range goals for a copyright education program include making the campus community aware of the copyright policy and offering to introduce the policy at faculty meetings across the campus. The longer range goal is to create materials on copyright to post on a website where members of the campus community could review the materials, find answers to many of their questions through a frequently asked questions page, locate links to copyright materials available on other websites and contact members of the Copyright Committee. Provost Robert Shelton has graciously agreed to provide funds for a graduate assistant to help get the website created, and through the intersession of Associate Provost for Libraries, Joe Hewitt, the libraries will host the web page on their servers. It is anticipated that the website will be up and available during the summer.

The Committee also met with Jeanne Smythe, ATN Director of Computer Security, and she reviewed the copyright-related complaints the campus had received about infringing activities, the huge bulk of which involve students and downloading music. The Committee will meet with Ms. Smythe on a regular basis since she functions as the copyright agent for the University to receive complaints under the Online Service Provider liability provision of the Copyright Act and can advise the Committee of trends and problems.

Lolly Gasaway, Chair
Andrew Chin
Robert Dalton
Joe Flora
Joe Hewitt
Sian Hunter
Barbara Moran
Robert Peet
John Semonche
Michael Votta
David M. Parker, ex officio