March 26, 2004



The Copyright Committee’s charge includes:  (1) monitoring trends in such areas as institutional or consortial copyright use policies, changes in copyright ownership models, and guidelines for fair use of information in all formats; (2) identifying areas in which policy development is needed and recommending to the chancellor new or revised institutional policies and guidelines; (3) cooperating with the administration to propose and monitor the application of University policies and guidelines regarding ownership and use of copyrighted or licensed scholarly works; and (4) assisting in identifying educational needs of the faculty and others related to compliance with copyright policies and guidelines, and advising on appropriate ways to address those needs.

All of the members of this year’s committee were either carry-over members or were reappointed this year.  The terms of three members expire this year:  Flora, Moran and Semonche.  The committee met six times over the past year:  March 26, April 21, September 15, October 10 and November 11, 2003.  In 2004 the committee met on February 23.   Additionally, much of the committee’s business was conducted by email.


            The primary activity of the Copyright Committee was the creation of a webpage that would further the fourth part of its charge:  education of the faculty about copyright.  With a generous grant from the Provost to hire a graduate student, the Committee agreed on a format and the content for the initial webpage.  The page is hosted by the University Libraries and is found at:  Moreover, there is a link at the top right of the Libraries homepage:  The page has several types of content: 


hCopies or links to all of the copyright policies of the university

hResources for authors and composers (creators of copyrighted works)

hResources for faculty and researchers (as users of copyrighted works)

hA fairly extensive FAQ with basic copyright information and with specific questions from faculty and librarians

h Resources for students

hInformation on how to register a copyright with links to required forms

hLinks to tutorials provided by other universities

hLinks to government and commercial resources


            Response to the introduction of this resource in January has been very positive.   The Copyright Committee thanks Provost Shelton for his support in seeing this project through to introduction on the web.


            For next year, the committee plans three activities: 


hContinue to update the contents and expand the materials available to the community

hWork with the Scholarly Communications subcommittee of the Administrative Board of the Library to draft recommended copyright assignments

hBegin to expand the Copyright Use Policy to deal specifically with visual images and distance education



Lolly Gasaway, Chair

                                                                                    Andrew Chin

                                                                                    Robert Dalton

                                                            Joe Flora

Joe Hewitt

Sian Hunter

                                                            Barbara Moran

                                                                                    Robert Peet

                                                                                    John Semonche

                                                            Michael Votta

                                                                                    David M. Parker, ex officio

                                                                                    Jeanne Smythe, ex officio