MARCH 4, 2005




            The Copyright Committee's charge includes:  (1) monitoring trends in such areas as institutional or consortial copyright use policies, changes in copyright ownership models, and guidelines for fair use of information in all formats;  (2) identifying areas in which policy development is needed and recommending to the chancellor new or revised institutional policies and guidelines;  (3) cooperating with the administration to propose and monitor the application of University policies and guidelines regarding ownership and use of copyrighted or licensed scholarly works; and (4) assisting in identifying educational needs of the faculty and others related to compliance with copyright policies and guidelines, and advising on appropriate ways to address those needs.


            The committee had four new members this year:  Leah McGinnis, Stuart Jefferys (graduate student) and Colin Hicks (undergraduate student, ex officio member).  Also, Sarah Michalak replaced Joe Hewitt on the committee to fill his unexpired term.  Five members of the committee’s terms will expire this year:  Gasaway, Hicks, Hunter, Jefferys and Michalak.  Hopefully, some of these individuals will be reappointed.


            The committee engaged in three primary activities this year.  First, the committee was very involved in the Scholarly Communications Convocation:  three members also served on the Planning Committee for the convocation; three members authored white papers for it; one member handled all the logistics for the convocation; three served as work group leaders and one as a panelist.


            The second activity was the review and expansion of the campus copyright policy, specifically the use of copyrighted works section.  New sections are anticipated to deal with electronic reserves, posting copyrighted works on Blackboard, classroom performances and displays and transmission of performances and displays.  The committee anticipates completing its work on this portion of the policy update before May 2005 and will submit the changes through the normal policy adoption process.


            The third activity was to review and improve the copyright webpage. The page is hosted by the University Libraries and is found at:  Moreover, there is a link at the top right of the Libraries homepage:  The goal is to enhance the content of the webpage each year and to make it a useful tool for faculty and staff.  To this end, the FAQ section will be expanded considerably before the end of the academic year.


            The committee continues to discuss student copyright issues with Jeanne Smythe who is an ex officio member of the committee.  The committee requested that an undergraduate student be named as an ex officio member of the committee also because of the continuing complaints regarding peer-to-peer file sharing of music and films.


          About a decade ago, an ad hoc copyright committee recommended the creation of a Scholarly Communications Officer position.  The individual would be an attorney whose job it was to advise the library and individual faculty on copyright matters; she would also be a member of Legal Counsel staff.  The committee is delighted that the first person, Deborah Gerhardt will fill this half-time position effective in July.  She will serve as an ex officio member of the Copyright committee additionally.


                                                                                    Lolly Gasaway, Chair

                                                                                    Andrew Chin

                                                                                    Robert Dalton

                                                                                    Sian Hunter

                                                                                    Stuart Jefferys

                                                                                    Leah McGinnis

                                                                                    Sarah Michalak

                                                                                    Barbara Moran

                                                                                    Robert Peet

                                                                                    John Semonche

                                                                                    Michael Votta

                                                                                    Colin Hicks, ex officio

                                                                                    David M. Parker, ex officio

                                                                                    Jeanne Smythe, ex officio