MARCH 3, 2006


Members:  Douglas A. Chin, Robert S. Dalton, Leah McGinnis Dunn (chair), Sarah Michalak, Barbara Moran, Robert Peet, John Semonche, Michael Votta

Graduate student representative:  Stuart Jeffreys

Undergraduate representative:  Colin Hicks

Ex officio:  William Fletcher Fairey, Deborah Gerhardt, Sian Hunter, Jeanne Smythe


Charge:  The committee represents to the chancellor and the University community the concerns of faculty and other users and creators of scholarly information. The committee's functions include: 


1)      monitoring trends in such areas as institutional or consortial copyright use policies, changes in copyright ownership models, and guidelines for fair use of information in all formats;

2)      identifying areas in which policy development is needed and recommending to the chancellor new or revised institutional policies and guidelines;

3)      cooperating with the administration to propose and monitor the application of University policies and guidelines regarding ownership and use of copyrighted or licensed scholarly works; and

4)      assisting in identifying educational needs of the faculty and others related to compliance with copyright policies and guidelines, and advising on appropriate ways to address those needs.



Laura Gasaway ended her term as Chair of the University Committee on Copyright in 2005.  Leah McGinnis Dunn was appointed chair in September 2005. 


Two ex officio members were added this year:  Deborah Gerhardt as the Library’s new Copyright and Scholarly Communications Director and Fletcher Fairey replaced David Parker as University Counsel’s representative to the committee. 


Three members’ terms will expire this year:  Douglas Andrew Chin, Robert Dalton, and Robert Peet.  Hopefully, these members will be reappointed.


2005-2006 Activities:

The committee engaged in two primary activities this year:  the revision of the campus copyright policy and the creation and expansion of educational tools for faculty on university copyright policy. 


The committee began writing revisions of the ‘use of copyrighted works’ section in the campus copyright policy, specifically in the areas of 1) Electronic Reserves and 2) course web sites including Blackboard.  These revisions are written to advise faculty on the use of electronic copies of copyrighted works for classroom use.  The revisions outline a proposed campus position on fair use, terms of access by faculty and students, and conditions under which permission for use should be obtained from the rightsholder.  These proposed conditions are under review by the committee, to be submitted to Faculty Council for approval later in 2006. The committee also plans to expand sections of the copyright policy on ‘use of copyrighted works’ in the areas of 1) Classroom Performances and Displays and 4) Transmission of Performances and Displays.


The second activity of the copyright committee was the creation of new educational tools for faculty on the creation and use of copyrighted materials.  The committee reviewed an educational presentation developed by Deborah Gerhardt, Copyright and Scholarly Communications Director, aimed at educating faculty on copyright retention.  The committee plans to identify venues to promote this presentation for broad dissemination to faculty across campus.  Further to the goals of this presentation, the committee is also collaborating with Deborah Gerhardt and the Scholarly Communications Committee to develop aUNC Author's Publication Agreement” designed for use by faculty members who choose to retain certain rights when submitting journal articles for publication.  The committee plans to collaborate on a website that will host both the slides from the copyright retention presentation as well as the “UNC Author's Publication Agreement.


The committee also continues to discuss student copyright issues with the Director of Computing Policy.  The committee requests that the new director hired to replace Jeanne Smythe, who retires this year, will be appointed as an ex officio member of the committee. 


        Submitted by:

Leah McGinnis Dunn, chair               Michael Votta

Douglas A. Chin                                         William Fletcher Fairey, ex officio

Robert S. Dalton                                         Deborah Gerhardt, ex officio

Colin Hicks                                                  Sian Hunter, ex officio

Stuart Jeffreys                                             Jeanne Smythe, ex officio

Sarah Michalak                                          

Barbara Moran                                          

Robert Peet                                                

John Semonche