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Committee Reporting Schedule, 2010-11

(These are the dates of the Faculty Council meetings at which these reports are to be presented)

Administrative Board of the Library 3/18/11
Advisory Committee 12/17/10
Appointments, Promotions, Tenure 1/14/11
Athletics Committee 10/8/10
Buildings and Grounds Committee 3/18/11
Copyright Committee 3/18/11
Educational Policy Committee 4/15/11
Faculty Assembly Delegation 3/18/11
Faculty Executive Committee 12/17/10
Faculty Grievance Committee 11/12/10
Faculty Hearings Committee 11/12/10
Fixed Term Faculty Committee 4/15/11
Research Committee 4/15/11
Scholarships, Awards, and Student Aid Committee 2/18/11
Status of Women Committee 3/18/11
Undergraduate Admissions Committee 2/18/11
University Government Committee 2/18/11