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Faculty Council Agenda

October 9, 1998

Resolution 98-11. Requesting the Committee on University Government to Consider Establishment of a Standing Committee on Copyright and to Report Its Recommendations to the Faculty Council.

The Faculty Council resolves:

The Committee on University Government is requested to consider establishment of a Committee on Copyright as recommended by the UNC-CH Copyright Committee.


Comment by the UNC-CH Copyright Committee.

Because fair use of, appropriate access to, and ownership of scholarly information is vitally important to the University community, and because the issues surrounding such access are complex, the University would benefit from the perspective of a campus-wide standing committee. This committee should be charged with proposing and monitoring the application of policies and guidelines supporting ownership and use of licensed and copyrighted scholarly works.

Draft Charge

The University Committee on Copyright is charged with representing the needs of faculty and other users of scholarly information to the Chancellor and the University community. To that end, the Committee will work with the Director of the Office of Scholarly Communication to propose and monitor the application of University policies and guidelines regarding ownership and use of copyrighted or licensed scholarly works. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

The Committee will monitor trends in such areas as institutional or consortial copyright use policies; changes in copyright ownership models; and guidelines for fair use of information in electronic formats. The Committee will identify new areas in which policy development is needed, and will recommend to the Chancellor new policies or revisions to existing institutional policies and guidelines in these and other related areas.

The Committee will assist in identifying educational needs of the faculty and others related to compliance with copyright policies and guidelines and will advise on appropriate ways to address those needs.

The Committee, in cooperation with the Office of Scholarly Communication, will advocate for public policy that protects the rights of creators of scholarly information while supporting its fair use, in various forums such as professional societies and organizations.

Draft Composition

The University Committee on Copyright will be a standing committee appointed by the Chancellor. Its membership will be composed of faculty in the majority, who are selected in consultation with the Chair of the Faculty, with each serving a rotating term of three years. There will be at least one graduate student member, selected in consultation with the President of the Graduate and Professional Student Association, serving a one-year renewable term. The Committee will be chaired by one of the faculty appointees.

In addition, the Committee will include voting ex officio liaison members from campus units that are involved in intellectual property matters. These might include, but are not limited to: Ackland Art Museum, UNC Press, Center for Teaching and Learning, Information Technology Services, campus libraries, Office of Technology Development, and the Office of Legal Counsel. It is important to maintain communication among these units on matters related to copyright, as well as between these units and the faculty. Selection of representatives from these units should be at the discretion of the unit head.