Resolution 2001-3 Amending The Faculty Code of University Government as it relates to responsibilities of the University Committee on Copyright, to conform to General Administration Copyright Policy and to delete responsibility for monitoring application of University policies and guidelines regarding copyrighted works.

The Faculty Council resolves:

Section. 1. Section 4-25 of The Faculty Code of University Government is rewritten to read:

§ 4-25. University Committee on Copyright.

(a) The committee is appointed by the chancellor. It shall consist of (i) faculty members, who shall constitute a majority of the members, (ii) one or more graduate students, serving one-year renewable terms, and (iii) members from campus units, such as the campus libraries and the Office of Technology Development, that are involved in intellectual property matters.

(b) The committee represents to the chancellor and the University community the concerns of faculty and other users and creators of scholarly information. The committee’s functions include:

    1. monitoring trends in such areas as institutional or consortial copyright use policies, changes in copyright ownership models, and guidelines for fair use of information in all formats;
    2. identifying areas in which policy development is needed and recommending to the chancellor new or revised institutional policies and guidelines;
    3. cooperating with the administration to propose University policies and guidelines regarding ownership and use of copyrighted or licensed scholarly works;
    4. assisting in identifying educational needs of the faculty and others related to compliance with copyright policies and guidelines, and advising on appropriate ways to address those needs; and
    5. except in cases of a matter heard by the Faculty Grievance Committee, hearing, mediating, and advising the chancellor on disputes and disagreements involving faculty, students, and University staff arising from the application and interpretation of the campus Copyright Policy and related guidelines.
Sec. 2. This Resolution shall become effective upon final approval.