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Make a Donation!

Want to donate? Great! You can start a payroll deduction or make a charitable contribution by downloading the appropriate form, or by donating online.

  • If using the form, click here to download. Fill out the first page. BIG NOTE: On the second page, earmark your donation by checking the "Family Scholarship Fund #6797" selection. Checks should be made payable to UNC-CH. Please put "Family Scholarship Fund #6797" in the check memo field. Mail form and check to one of the following address:

    Campus mail: University Campaign, CB#6100, Office of University Development.

    U.S. Mail: Office of University Development, P.O., Box 309, Chapel Hill, 27514-0309.

  • If giving online, click here. BIG NOTE: You will go through 4 steps in the online process. In step two, under "Select a University Fund" there are three boxes. Select "Other" for each of the first two boxes. In the third box, "Other Instructions," type the following: "Family Scholarship Fund # 6797".

  • Want to volunteer to help shape and expand this effort? Just click here.