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Q: I don't have any children that would need this scholarship, and my own income isn't increasing lately, so why should I contribute?

A: By contributing you are increasing the educational opportunities of the children of your colleagues -- all the more urgent since many employees are faced with similar income issues. You will be making a statement that the educational needs of your colleagues' children are important. And you will be leaving a legacy for future Carolina employees.

Q: Don't faculty/staff already get a discount if their children attend UNC?

A: That would be nice, but our children pay the same costs as any other student attending UNC.

Q: Can my child(ren) be awarded a scholarship to attend schools other than UNC-Chapel Hill?

A: Yes! Your child(ren) can be awarded an undergraduate scholarship for any accredited North Carolina public post-secondary public institution. That includes any of the 16 institutions in the UNC system, as well as local community and technical institutions.

Q: Who would qualify for a scholarship?

A: Any child(ren) of a UNC-Chapel Hill employee who works 30 or more hours a week. Typically this would include children who are considered dependents for income tax purposes.

Q: How will the scholarships be awarded?

A: The scholarships will be need-based, and will be awarded by a committee of faculty and staff, assisted by the UNC Office of Scholarships and Student Aid. Each year the committee will determine what percentage of the available funds to use for the current year scholarships and what percentage will be transferred to an endowment fund for long-term growth of the scholarship fund.

Q: How many scholarships will be awarded?

A: That will depend on the number of applicants and the funds available.

Q: Who can contribute through payroll deduction?

A: Anyone who is paid through the University payroll (ie not the UNC Hospitals or other organizations with their own payroll system.)

Q: Can I just make a one-time contribution instead of doing payroll deduction?

A: Yes! All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Q: Do I have to contribute to qualify for a scholarship for my child(ren)?

A: No, a contribution is not required. We do suggest you consider making a contribution because more contributions mean more students can be given scholarships.

Q: Can my child(ren) qualify for a scholarship if I no longer work for the University?

A: No. The scholarships are only for children of full-time employees.

Q: If I contribute, will my child(ren) be guaranteed a scholarship?

A: No. The selection process will be need-based. The number of scholarships awarded will depend on available funds, and is not based on whether you contributed to the scholarship fund.

Q: Is the fund tax deductible?

A: Absolutely.

Need more information? Contact Sharon P. Glover by phone: 919-445-9317 or by email: glover@unc.edu