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An on-going growing grass-roots movement continues to gain momentum on campus. Initiated and led by staff, and joined by concerned faculty. Money is being raised to fund a need-based family scholarship program for children of employees at Carolina.

The primary goal is to award need-based scholarships to freshman for the 16 UNC campuses as well the North Carolina community colleges. The secondary goal is to create a sense of community among UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff by working toward a common end -- furthering the education of employee children.

Why is there a need for this fund? Some employees on our campus are hard-pressed to meet the challenge of helping their children enroll in our community colleges or state universities.

We are encouraging active participation, whether or not our own families have this level of need, because the entire Carolina community benefits and takes pride in the partnering with our fellow employees as they strive to make their education dream a reality for their children.

This website will be updated as we move forward.

Interested in donating or helping in this effort? Then click here!