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Accounting Services Section (ACT)


Effective Date: 01/01/1999

Last Modified Date: 06/21/1999


A special report is one which is custom designed for some specific purpose. The preparation of special reports from FRS is greatly enhanced due to the following:

It is anticipated that as FRS matures, emphasis will be placed on querying the database to produce special reports rather than on manually accumulating and summarizing information.

Method for Preparation

Several methods are available for special report preparation:

Campus units are encouraged to become proficient in any or all of the three methods listed above so they may define, and program, their own special reports under accounting supervision.

One of the most significant features of FRS is that its reporting is independent of its input processing and data storage. Special reports can manipulate data in any manner without affecting the system's integrity.

Roll-up Reporting

Roll-up reporting is a method to summarize and select data to provide meaningful information to managers at all levels. Any part of or all of an organization can be used for reporting, and the information can be summarized by program structure, responsibility structure, fund source, and object code ranges.


For additional information or assistance in structuring a report for your needs, contact the Director of Accounting Services at 962-0036.

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