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Accounting Services Section (ACT)


Effective Date: 01/31/1996

Last Modified Date: 02/11/2004

Purchase Requisitions Resulting in Purchase Orders

Purchase Requisitions for which a Purchase Order will be issued are sent to the Material & Disbursement Services Department, which forwards them to the appropriate Accounting Section for pre-audit of account number (10-digit) and use of funds. When approved, the requisition is returned to Materials Support for input into their system. If that system indicates there is sufficient budget balance available to incur the expense, a Purchase Order is prepared and mailed. If there is insufficient budget balance available, the requisition is returned to the appropriate Accounting Section for resolution. Change Orders are also verified and returned if the budget balance available is insufficient. If a purchase requisition is entered on-line, the budget will be verified automatically.

Check Requests

Check Requests submitted to the appropriate Accounting Office are pre-audited for account number (10-digit), use of funds, budget balance availability, and appropriate supporting documentation, i.e. original invoice. If approved, the check request is forwarded to Accounts Payable for payment. If the check request is not approved and Accounting personnel cannot resolve the problem, it is returned to the originating department.

On-Line Requisitions

Follow instructions in the "FRS On-Line Requisitioning Users Manual." This manual can be obtained only by attending a training session in the Purchasing Division. Call 962-2251 to schedule training.

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