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Accounting Services Section (ACT)


Effective Date: 01/01/1999

Last Modified Date: 06/21/1999

There are three restricted reference number fields on FRS accounting transactions.

References 1 and 2

Two restricted reference fields are called Reference 1 and Reference 2. Each field is seven characters in length. The information entered in these fields varies with the type of transaction.

All the information in these fields is printed on the transaction list of the monthly accounting statement (FBM091). An explanation of the reference numbers and their meaning for each type of transaction follows:

Transaction Type Reference Field 1 Reference Field 2
2X Budgets Budget Entry No. Budget Reference No.
3X Cash Receipts Cash Receipts Voucher Cash Receipt No.
4X Cash Disbursements Check Request No.
or Purchase Order No.
Check No.
5X Initial Requisition No.  
5X Encumbrance Purchase Order No. Requisition No.
6X Journal Entry Transaction Reference No. Journal Voucher No.
8X Budgets Budget Entry No. Budget Reference No.

Reference 3

The third restricted reference field is reserved for business office use and is 10 characters long. The information that goes into this field varies with the type of transaction. The field is not printed but is carried in the transaction history file. This field is called the Optional User ID field.

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