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Accounting Section (ACT)


Effective Date: 05/27/2005

Last Modified Date: 09/23/2008

Procedure Description

On-line access to the Financial Records System (FRS) enables campus departmental personnel to view transaction activity for their accounts. It also allows on-line updates for department accounts to be entered for certain types of transactions.

Procedure Steps

  1. A terminal connection to the campus mainframe computer is required in order to obtain access to FRS and should be obtained prior to requesting on-line access to FRS. Contact the ITS Help Desk (962-HELP, -4357) for assistance in obtaining a terminal connection.

  2. Obtain a Consolidated FRS Single User Access Request Form, from either ACT Appendix 14, the Finance Division's Web page, or the FRS Coordinator at 962-3722.

  3. Have the department's Function Access and Control System (FACS) Coordinator complete the form. For assistance in identifying a department's FACS Coordinator, contact the ITS Help Desk (962-HELP, -4357).
    • Specific information required is as follows.
    • Action needed by user:
      • Add for requesting new user access to FRS
      • Change for any replacement of current users, including addition and deletions of individual screens for current users
      • Delete for removal of user access to FRS
    • User's name: Names of the individual(s) for the requested action. Note: The request may be for more than one individual if the action to add, change, or delete is the same.
    • FACS ID: The ID is assigned by the FACS Coordinator.
    • Authorization: The form must be signed by the division or department head.

  4. Additional FACS ID with FRS Access to the same PID (Person ID)
    1. Request for an additional FACS ID with FRS (Financial Records System) access using the same PID will require the following justifications:.
    • Who is going to use the access
    • Describe task requiring FRS access
    • How long will the access be needed

  5. Send the completed request form by campus mail to FRS CCoordinator, CB #1145, 104 Airport Drive (Suite 3200), or fax it to 962-5949.

  6. The FRS Coordinator will assign FRS screen access as requested and then contact the requestor to schedule on-site training.

Additional Step for access to Flexibility Budget Transfer System

The 1991 General Assembly enacted the UNC Fiscal Accountability and Flexibility legislation that granted additional authority in the areas of budgeting, personnel administration, and purchasing to those institutions designated as "special responsibility constituent institutions (SRCI)”. UNC-CH, as an SRCI, has implemented an online Flexibility Budget Transfer System to facilitate state budget transfers. The FRS On-Line Flexible Budget Transfer Routing Request Form (Appendix 25) allows units to establish approval routes for flexibility budget transfers. This from need only be completed if inter-departmental approvals are required prior to processing/approval by the UNC-CH Budget Office staff.

Additional Information

See also:

ACT Policy 7, Financial Records System On-Line Access.

ACT Appendix 25, FRS On-Line Flexible Budget Transfer Routing Request.

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