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Prefix: ACT

Effective Date: 05/27/2005

Last Modified Date: 12/22/2011

The Accounting Services section is issued under the authority of Chandrika Rao, Director of Accounting Services, who reviewed and approved its contents as of June 30, 2005.

Introduction Statements

  1. Accounting Services

  2. Organizational Structure

  3. Description of Organizational Responsibilities

Policy Statements

  1. Overview of the Financial Records System

  2. Structure of the Financial Records System

  3. Account Code Structure

  4. Attributes

  5. Transaction Types and Codes

  6. Reference Numbers

  7. Financial Records System Online Access

  8. Automatic Budget Reallocation

  9. FBM090, Account Statement; and FBM091, Report of Transactions

  10. Special Reports

  11. See New Manual

  12. See New Manual

  13. See New Manual

  14. Journal Vouchers

  15. Budget Verification

  16. See New Manual

  17. See New Manual

  18. See New Manual

  19. Commercial Drivers License

  20. Collection of Accounts Receivable and Delinquent Accounts

  21. University Cash Management Plan

  22. See New Manual

  23. See New Manual

  24. See New Manual

  25. See New Manual

  26. See New Manual

  27. See New Manual

  28. Returned Check Fees

  29. See New Manual

  30. Receipts and Deposits

  31. See New Manual

  32. See New Manual

  33. See New Manual

Procedure Statements

  1. Superseded by SAUR Policy 1 and SAUR Procedure 2 (see SAUR Section Contents)

  2. Superseded by DEV Procedure 3

  3. See New Manual

  4. Financial Records System Online Access

  5. See New Manual

  6. See New Manual

  7. See New Manual

  8. See New Manual

  9. Credit Card Merchant Services

Appendix Statements

  1. General Purpose Code Definitions

  2. Expenditure Subcode (Object) Listing

  3. Expenditure Subcode (Object) Definitions

  4. General Ledger Account Control Listing

  5. Fund Authority:  Institutional Trust Funds or Special Funds (Word format)

  6. See Forms Library

  7. See Forms Library

  8. FBM090, Account Statement; FBM091, Report of Transactions

  9. See Forms Library

  10. See Forms Library

  11. See Forms Library

  12. See Forms Library

  13. See Forms Library

  14. Consolidated Financial Systems Access Request form (PDF format, to complete at a desktop, print, sign, and mail)

  15. See Forms Library

  16. See Forms Library

  17. See Forms Library

  18. See Forms Library

  19. See Forms Library

  20. Quick Reference Grid: Allowable Uses of Various Types of Funds

  21. See Forms Library

  22. Form SLA-1 Internet Common Payment Service (Word format)

  23. Wire/ACH Transfer Request Forms
    1. Outgoing Wire Transfer (PDF format)
    2. Incoming Wire/ACH Transfer (Excel format)

  24. See Forms Library

  25. FRS On-Line Flexible Budget Transfer Routing Request (PDF format)





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